Escape to Mai Chau: Unveiling the Scenic Charms of North Vietnam

Located amidst rolling hills and surrounded by terraced rice fields, Mai Chau offers breathtaking natural scenery. This idyllic destination offers a peaceful retreat surrounded by emerald-green rice paddies and towering limestone mountains.

Mai Chau

Mai Chau


This place enjoys mild temperatures throughout the year. This makes it an attractive destination for visitors seeking pleasant weather and comfortable outdoor activities. Mai Chau hosts various cultural festivals throughout the year, where traditional dances, music, and rituals are showcased, providing a unique experience for visitors.

The Tranquil Atmosphere Of Mai Chau

The Tranquil Atmosphere Of Mai Chau

Mai Chau is characterized by its cultural diversity, home to six distinct ethnic minority groups. The Thai people account for 65.14% of the total population in this vibrant region. The villages of Mai Chau are adorned with traditional stilt houses, offering a unique glimpse into the architectural heritage of the ethnic communities.

Things To Do When Visiting Mai Chau

Discover Stunning Villages In Mai Chau

To uncover the traditional cultures and breathtaking landscapes in Mai Chau, you should plan a captivating journey to Mai Chau ethnic villages. Each village in Mai Chau has its own beauty, waiting for you to explore.

  • Lac Village

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Mai Chau, Lac Village attracts with its traditional stilt houses, offering an authentic glimpse into the daily life of the White Thai ethnic community. You will have the opportunity to experience daily life and enjoy rustic dishes just like real locals.

Discover The Stunning Lac Village

Discover The Stunning Lac Village

Lac Village still preserves and preserves long-standing traditional cultural imprints, such as fairs, stilt houses, brocade items, and jewelry. Coming here, you can experience a series of interesting activities with local people, such as camping, sap dancing, and campfires.

  • Van Village

Van Village, surrounded by terraced fields, unfolds a stunning scenery that captivates the senses. Here, the lush greenery provides a tranquil backdrop as visitors immerse themselves in the daily activities of the Thai people.

Gain Knowledge About The Daily Life In Van Village

Gain Knowledge About Daily Life In Van Village

Because it is located near the center of Mai Chau town, visitors here can go for a walk by bicycle and discover for themselves the interesting things about this village. In Van Village, people still maintain traditional weaving and embroidery. You can learn more about traditional crafts here.

  • Pom Coong Village

Pom Coong Village is located among undulating hills, with vast rice fields and beautiful stilt houses. In this village, people also preserve the traditional weaving craft, producing beautiful, colorful brocade fabrics and furniture.

Immerse In The Tranquil Scene Of Pom Coong Village

Immerse In The Tranquil Scene Of Pom Coong Village

Not only can you enjoy the quiet and peaceful natural scenery, but you can also immerse yourself in the unique culture of the ethnic minorities here such as Xoe dances, gong festivals, sleeping in stilt houses, drink wine.

Explore Mai Chau By Bike

Bicycle rental prices in Mai Chau are quite reasonable, usually only US $1.2/hour or US $3.7/day.

Explore Mai Chau By Bike

Explore Mai Chau By Bike

We recommend you explore Mai Chau on two wheels, cycling through scenic rice fields and charming villages. This eco-friendly adventure offers a unique way to connect with the stunning landscapes and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Note: You should choose a bike that is sturdy and versatile, making sure it is equipped with a comfortable seat and good brakes for a variety of terrains.

Watch Traditional Thai Dance

Xoe dance is a unique cultural activity, a popular dance in the Northwestern Thai community. Xoe dance represents solidarity, so all Thai people know how to dance and love the art of Xoe. This traditional Thai dance is a precious cultural heritage of the Thai people with sustainable vitality among the people.

Watch Traditional Thai Dance

Watch Traditional Thai Dance

In Mai Chau, there's no distinction between old and young, female and male, or whether you're Vietnamese or an international traveler. Everyone is enraptured by the passionate dance of the Thai people.

How To Get There

By Bus

  • Price: Around US $3.3.

For those choosing to travel by bus, consider the local bus services depart from My Dinh Station to Mai Chau. The bus journey takes around 4 to 5 hours, depending on traffic and stops.

Buses are generally a cost-effective option for budget-conscious travelers and ideal for group travel, buses offer the opportunity to share the experience with fellow travelers. However, it may have limited comfort and potential for crowded buses.

By Coach

  • Price: From US $4.2 to $9.5.

A trip from Hanoi to Mai Chau by coach can take about 3 to 4 hours. Coach tickets can be purchased at major bus stations or through online websites. If possible, choose your seat in advance to ensure a comfortable position.

Many coach services offer comfortable seating, air conditioning, and sometimes even Wi-Fi. Coaches often have multiple daily departures, offering flexibility in choosing a schedule that suits your itinerary. 

Private Car Rental

  • Price: From US $45.4 to $91.

Consider renting a private car for a flexible journey to Mai Chau. It might take 3 to 4 hours to reach Mai Chau from Hanoi. Arrange a private car through local tourism agencies. You can choose pick-up and drop-off locations.

You can enjoy the flexibility of setting your own travel pace and schedule. It has ample luggage space, allowing you to bring personal belongings and souvenirs without constraints. But it has a higher cost compared to public transportation.

Motorbike Rental

  • Price: From US $3.3 to $6.6 per day.

Explore Mai Chau at your own pace by renting a motorbike. You can ask to rent a motorbike through your travel agency or from local shops around the city. Ensure the bike is in good condition.

You can enjoy the scenic beauty of Mai Chau by taking less-traveled routes and discovering hidden gems that may be missed by other transportation. However, motorbikes require careful learning about traffic laws and traffic signs in Vietnam.

Local Tips When Exploring Mai Chau

  • Suitable Attire 

Dress modestly, especially when visiting villages and religious sites. This shows respect for local culture and traditions.

  • Weather Precautions

Pack accordingly, considering the weather changes in Mai Chau. It can be cool, especially in the evenings, so bring layers.

  • Language Translation Applications 

Download and use language translation applications to communicate with people, especially in emergency situations.

  • Comfortable Footwear

Wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking and exploring. Mai Chau's terrain can have uneven surfaces so comfortable footwear is essential.

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