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Mekong Riverside Park is the first recommendation for entertainment and recreation on your Vientiane trip.

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Located on edge of the Mekong river, Mekong Riverside Park is the most popular public attraction which is appropriate for both individual and groups of people.

Wandering along the riverbank, you will encounter numerous kinds of amusement with joggers, cyclists, skaters, artists and so on. Apparently, you can join these outdoor activities such as jogging, running, cycling, playing arts and crafts, painting animal model sculptures. 

Travellers usually immerse themselves into the breathtaking view as well as the excitement of lively activities that locals make their night entertaining. Specially, there is an area for the odd tourist to haggle prices for scorpion and snake whiskey and the usual tourist junk. However, this is often missed by foreign tourists and merely popular with locals.

Visitors enjoy their own activities at the park

Visitors enjoy their own activities at the park

Don’t forget to catch the must-to-see moment of sunset over Mekong River. As the sun goes down, a picturesque view is drawn by the glow of fading light sparkling on surface towards the horizon.

The mesmerizing sunset over the Mekong river

The mesmerizing sunset over the Mekong river

Once the sun goes down, keep a night out and take a stroll down around the night market which is the most vibrant part in Vientiane. You can find different types of products like food, drink, clothing, handicrafts in red pavilions. Barbecue, sticky rice, papaya salad and some other local favorites are must-try dishes. 

In addition to night life, visitors mostly are excited about several daylight activities including participating in free fitness class of aerobics and cruising along the tranquil banks to uncover rural villages.

Fitness class of aerobics in Mekong Riverside Park

Fitness class of aerobics in Mekong Riverside Park

How to get there

The central location of Mekong Riverside Park makes it really convenient to get there. Visitors can choose between bus, tuk-tuk or cycling, but walking is the best way to access the pedestrian area of Riverside Park.

Mekong Riverside Park Map

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