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Memento Country Home Nha Trang

Memento Country Home is situated 450km of Ho Chi Minh City and 35km of Cam Ranh and 15km of west of Nha Trang. Located on the East- South of the Middle of Vietnam, Memento Country Home brings visitors experiences about rural life of Vietnamese people with ancient houses, traditional culture and Vietnamese foods.
Peaceful atmosphere of rural life
Memento Country home was built on the foundations of the Vietnamese people 70 years ago. In this place, visitors will have a panorama view of a peaceful village on green grass field and a range of simple house lying silently. Here, visitors feel that they are real Vietnamese farmers; staying in cottage houses and being awoken by chicken's crow or taking a short nap on simple hammocks under the shade of bamboo trees.

Take a long walk around Memento Country Home, you are charmed with vast green fields mixed gold stretching until horizon. Moreover, it is an unforgettable time when visiting the village of rural Vietnamese people while they are feeding chicken, watering plants or harvesting rice. At this moment, it seems that your mind is untroubled and all the hustle and bustle of rural life are washed away.

Interesting activities
Staying in Mementory Country Home, visitors enjoy a full day with a range of interesting activities. The staffs offer many local activities like fishing, biking around to visit local sightseeing or taking part in cooking class, etc.
Besides, there are many other leisure services such as: outdoor pool, spa, sauna, etc. In the evening, you will taste special Vietnamese dishes on the light of candles and soft sound of traditional music, have fun with outdoor bar, and then lying on bamboo deckchairs to admire beauty of stars.

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