Mountain Chuch

Built between 1928 and 1933 in French Gothic style, complete with stained-glass windows, Mountain Chuch stands on a small hill overlooking the train station. It’s a surprisingly elegant building given that it was constructed of simple cement blocks.

Nha Tho Nui, Mountain Church (the official name is: Cathedral of Christ the King) is the mother church of the Catholic Diocese of Nha Trang.

It was built by Father Louis Vallet in the French Gothic architectural style, situated on a small mountain. Because it's constructed of stone, many locals call it 'Stone Church' in Vietnamese, but its most common name is 'Nha Tho Nui' ('Mountain Church'). The church is quiet and peaceful, and if you arrive at right time, you can see people praying the rosary (around 4:30pm)

This cathedral is a graceful building constructed of simple cement blocks with stained-glass windows and with three large bells in the tower. It looks attractive with some colorful Vietnamese touches that beautify it like the red neon outlining of the crucifix, the pink back-lighting on the tabernacle and the blue neon arch and white neon halo over the statue of St. Mary. Nha Trang Cathedral not only provides an opportunity to admire the unique architectural works but the visitors will actually engross moments of calm, tranquility while pondering the dreaming coastal city. For people here, Nha Trang Cathedral is a very significant place as they come here to pray and many couples also choose the cathedral for their wedding. Nha Trang Cathedral is a popular spot for wedding and scenery photography and also a pleasant attraction that attracts a large number of visitors.

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