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Mu Cang Chai Paragliding Festival – Flying Over Northern Vietnam Golden Terrace Fields

April 08, 2021 - 1291 views

On the theme of “flying in the yellow season”, Mu Cang Chai Paragliding Festival is promised to bring tourists and adventurers the best experience while gliding on Mu Cang Chai in the harvest season.

Overview of Mu Cang Chai Paragliding Festival

This is an annual event in Mu Cang Chai and was held for the first time in 2013 and this year is the 5th year of this festival. In 2019, Mu Cang Chai Paragliding festival is going to be held in three days from 21st to 23rd September. As this year the event will be bigger than the last years, they expect that it can attract at least 200 professional Vietnamese and foreign pilots and 16,000 tourists to come and enjoy Mu Cang Chai Paragliding Festival.

Mu Cang Chai Paragliding Festival

Paragliding on Mu Cang Chai in the harvest season

Mu Cang Chai Paragliding Route 

This year, flights will be started from Khau Pha Mountain’s peak – one of the most popular adventure attractions in Northern Vietnam. Khau Pha Peak is at the height of 1200 meters above sea level which is the perfect spot to start gliding as it can provide the best view for pilots to enjoy the magnificent golden picture of the harvest season on the 500ha terrace field in Mu Cang Chai valley. If you are not a professional glider but still want to try paragliding, don’t worry, you can join with a pro pilot who will be the one that can bring you to fly over the shining yellow Mu Cang Chai terrace field.

Prepare for paragliding at Khau Pha Peak Mu Cang Chai

Khau Pha Mountain - The starting point of the Mu Cang Chai Paragliding route

Other activities of Mu Cang Chai Paragliding Festival

If you fear of height or just don’t really like gliding, there are many other interesting activities for you to enjoy during Mu Cang Chai Paragliding festival time instead of just standing there and seeing others gliding above the beautiful golden terrace fields. The organizer will open a fair to introduce and sell local specialties such as agricultural products, foods, and brocade items. Besides, there will be a dancing contest in which both locals and tourists can join to enjoy traditional dancing and compete with each other. In addition, some local tours will be available so you can pick up a short trip (maybe a day tour or 2-day tour) to join a new adventure, admire majestic Northern Vietnam’s nature and see the interesting daily life of locals.

Mu Cang Chai Tour - Mu Cang Chai Paragliding festival

Join a tour in Mu Cang Chai

Since the first Paragliding Festival, Mu Cang Chai has been a fascinating destination for adventurers and paragliding pilots who come here to admire the stunning wild nature and explore the local lifestyle. However, this is not the only must-visit destination in the North of Vietnam, there are hundreds of attractions there, waiting for you to pay a visit and get to know more about the beauty of Northern Vietnam.


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