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Nguyen Hue Walking Street Ho Chi Minh City

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is one of the famous tourist places in Ho Chi Minh City. The street is big and becomes a pedestrian space at weekends. Visiting this street, both locals and tourists will have a great time here. Let find out what the street has to offer to you by reading this article. 

Where is Nguyen Hue Walking Street and how to get there?

Nguyen Hue Street is located in a very attractive and luxurious downtown area of District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City. It is the biggest road in Ho Chi Minh City, spanning 670 meters from the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee edifice to Bach Dang Wharf, with 64 meters in width.

The street is installed with automatically-operated mist-emitting systems and lined with over 200 trees and 122 large tubs of flowering creepers. That creates a greenish landscape for the whole street and eases your mind whenever you come there.

You can easily find this street by going straight ahead on the one-way Le Thanh Ton Street and turning left at the Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee or driving on Ton Duc Thang Street along Bach Dang Wharf and turning right on to Nguyen Hue Street. This street only prevents vehicles from driving through at the weekend

Things to do at Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Wander at the street

Nguyen Hue walking street has one of the most beautiful and modern squares in Vietnam. The street has beautiful lighting systems, fountains, surrounded by high-rise buildings, restaurants, coffee shops, fashion shops, and flower shops, so the landscape here is very beautiful, especially at night. Many tourists come here for sightseeing, taking photos, or just enjoying the fresh air. Many corners of the street are modern, so your photos are like in some Western countries. You can get amazing images here especially when the night falls

Enjoy the cultural activities

Every night at weekends, the whole street is full of young groups gathering to interact and perform music. If you love music, want to immerse yourself in this youthful and vibrant space, you can join with them, either hip-hop dance or just listen to great live music right on the street. On some special occasions, Nguyen Hue Walking Street organizes parades, meetings, street and flower festivals, exhibitions, culture and sports activities, art performances… and that would be great if you can visit the street this time of the year.

Discover apartment 42 Nguyen Hue

Apartment 42 in the middle of Nguyen Hue street attracts a lot of tourists thanks to its mossy and ancient beauty. The building has many beautiful restaurants, cafes, and fashion shops such as Saigon Oi, or Partea...So do not miss stopping at the apartment for some shopping or just enjoy the good coffee here.

Visit Nguyen Hue Book Street

Nguyen Hue book street attracts a lot of tourists and local people as there are many kinds of books there from love to history, culture, and economics. They come here to enjoy the cool air and choose their favorite book. It is good for their mind after stressful working and studying hours

Visit flower street

If you visit Nguyen Hue street during the lunar new year which falls sometime in January and February, you will have a chance to see beautiful flowers on the street. There are thousands of flowers brought here, and many artisans create unique themes that show the beauty of colors. The whole street is full of fresh flowers and hundreds of people come here for taking photos.

Enjoy the food at street

There are many food stalls in Nguyen Hue. They sell mixed rice paper, baked rice paper, ice cream, bingsu, peach tea, and matcha. There you can also find a hot trend drink for many young people such as Phuc Long, strange cotton milk tea at Boo Coffee, or chocolate milk-tea cups at Slow and Chill Coffee. Not many tourists know that the street has a store that sells cheap smoothies in a small alley right on Nguyen Hue Street. If you are looking for good food at a reasonable price, come to Xom Nha La to enjoy delicious, nutritious dishes.

Tips for the best experience at Nguyen Hue Walking Street

To have an unforgettable walking trip in Nguyen Hue walking street, you need to remember the following important notes:

  • You can visit Notre-Dame Cathedral, Turtle Lake, September 23 park before reaching Nguyen Hue walking street. Find a route that is best for you.
  • You had better check the price and ask for the discount when buying things in the street
  • On major holidays of the year such as the Lunar New Year, the street can be very crowded and you should be aware of it
  • Protect your belongings to avoid pickpockets or robberies when walking at the street
  • Prepare a phone with a full battery to check in at every beautiful corner in Nguyen Hue pedestrian street.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street Map

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