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Nha Trang Cathedral

Nha Trang city is known as “Travelling heaven” of Viet Nam, not only famous for romantic islands, blue sea with white sand, or tourist attractions such as Ninh Van Bay, Museum of Oceanography,... it is also outstanding with spiritual buildings. One of them is Nha Trang Cathedral - the pride of Catholics here. In this writing, BestPrice Travel will introduce you to the features of this church that you cannot ignore when you visit it.

Nha Trang Cathedral is the largest church in the city. At the end of the nineteenth century (1885), the Catholic community only had more than one hundred people. To provide them a place for catholicity activities, Mr. Louis Vallet - a French priest - intended to build a church in Nha Trang. Other names of this church are: Nga Sau church (Nhà thờ Ngã Sáu), Mountain church (Nhà thờ Núi),... but the exact name of the church is Christ the King Cathedral. 

Nha Trang Cathedral was set on top of Bong hill that overlooks Nha Trang train station.  About 500 mines were used to level the ground of the mountain to build this church. In March 1930, Nha Trang Cathedral was completed. On October 24, 1945, Father Louis Vallet passed away and he was buried at the foot of this hill. Nowadays, visitors can see his tomb on the right side of the road to the church. Although the church went through a variety of historical periods, it still retains ancient architecture as it was newly formed. This is a historical relic and an attractive travel destination for thousands of tourists both domestic and foreign annually.

Nha Trang Cathedral

Nha Trang Cathedral


What to expect at Nha Trang Cathedral

Nha Trang Cathedral has a gray color. Under bright sunshine, its physical appearance looks like the Ancient Rome castle. This church was built based on Gothic architecture and brought the uniqueness of French style. The most typical features of Gothic architecture are domes and spikes. This style emphasizes the vertical pier and concentrates on thin columns, high ceilings, pointed Gothic arches combined with Stained glass windows. 

Along the way to the church, about 4000 tombstones were grafted into the stonewall in the right hand. There are many trees, colorful flowers on the campus of the church make green space and a comfortable feeling for visitors. 

Surround of Nha Trang Cathedral

Surround of Nha Trang Cathedral


From afar, the church looks like a stone church because of the gray color. But the main construction materials of the church are reinforced concrete, the walls are built with bricks, cement, and then painted. Stone is only used for built wall footing, spread footing, and pave the way. Nha Trang Cathedral is 36 meters long and 20 meters wide. Four big clocks were attached in a square clock tower with 4 faces facing in 4 directions. The crucifix was placed at the top of the bell tower - the highest point of the church, 38 meters high from the ground. Its three cathedral bells, which were manufactured in France in 1789, are still working. 

Keep going inside Nha Trang Cathedral, you can see the Gothic architecture clearly expressed through the bent and wide arches, rose shape - windows. The windows are inserted by a variety of red, green,...glasses in order to effectively exploit sunshine so it is always full of light inside the church. Besides, some neon lights are also used to decorate inside the church such as hang on the ceiling, red neon light outlining the crucifix, blue neon on the arch, etc. There are long brown wooden rows of seats lining up for the ceremonies of parishioners. In addition, the statues of Jesus Christ and Maria - Saint were situated both inside and outside the church. All things created a tranquil and dignified beauty.

Inside Nha Trang Cathedral

Inside Nha Trang Cathedral

Early in the morning or in the afternoon, visitors can take part in the preaching. A large number of residents here are parishioners, hearing preaching makes them feel peaceful in their soul, praying for good things, satisfying and joyful lives.


How to get there? 

Nha Trang Cathedral is at 1 Thai Nguyen St, Phuoc Tan Ward, Nha Trang city. Because the church is located in the center of Nha Trang city, it is easy for visitors to find a way to go there. There are two ways to go to the church, the first way is visitors take a 53-step stone stairway from Thai Nguyen Street to the church, the second way is a stone pathway from the city square nearby Nga 6 roundabout leading to the yard behind the church.

Nha Trang Cathedral opens from 5.30 A.M - 5 P.M, on Sunday from 5 A.M - 7 A.M and 11 A.M - 4.30 P.M. The church is open freely for everyone. Take Nha Trang city center as a landmark, you can go along to Tran Phu St, turn left to Le Thanh Ton St and keep going until Nga 6 roundabout, you can see Nha Trang Cathedral on top of a small mountain. About transportation, you can book a taxi, rent a motorbike or you can walk, it takes only 10 - 15 minutes to go to the church. 

Nha Trang Cathedral is a must-visit attraction in Nha Trang. With ancient beauty but no less magnificent, this church is an ideal spot to take fancy pictures, a place to hold the wedding ceremony of couples.  A peaceful attraction for thinking about good things, love, and life. 

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