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Nha Trang Prohibited Scuba Diving Off Tourist Attraction to Protect Corals

July 02, 2022 - 121 views

Vietnam has over 3,000 kilometers of coastline, thus it is home to the drastic development of scuba diving activity. But now the corals and marine ecosystem in Nha Trang have been seriously destroyed and harmed due to the consequences of this venture.

Plan to halt scuba diving off tourist islands in Nha Trang

Nha Trang - one of the best places in Vietnam for tourism with many exciting activities, especially scuba diving, has enforced the new regulations of contemporarily stopping scuba diving activity for coral and marine ecosystem preservation, specifically at Hon Mun Island. The Standing Committee of Khanh Hoa Province has informed about the decrease of coral reefs at Hon Mun Island on 21st June 2022.

Mun Island Scuba Diving

Nha Trang halts scuba diving in Mun Island to protect coral reefs

Nha Trang ranges nearly 250 square kilometers, known as one of sixteen marine ecosystem reservations in Vietnam. It has the most diverse types of corals and marine ecosystem, and famous diving beaches that attract many tourists.

However, this leads to the consequences of the severe declination of corals and marine ecosystems. Up to now, the number of covered coral reefs in Mun Island has decreased from 50% to only 10% in the previous 7 years. Hundreds of square meters were harshly damaged, or bleached white at some places surrounding the island.

Nha Trang to promote sustainable tourism

The decrease of coral in Nha Trang is considered to be caused by climate change and notable storms from 2019 to 2021. As for the negative impacts on marine ecosystems, it is concerned with the consequences of illegal fishing, dredging, construction of coastal works in contravention of regulations, and waste discharge in tourism.

Nha Trang Prohibited Scuba Diving Off Tourist Attraction to Protect Corals

Scuba diving in Nha Trang

As a result, the coral reefs existing at Nha Trang Bay have been mass dead. The Standing Provincial Party Committee of Khanh Hoa has required the government to strictly protect the marine environment at Hon Mun Island and quickly come up with the solution of rehabilitation with experts. Nha Trang beach is requested to explore with the direction of socialization. The activities for tourism, services, and entertainment must be coherent with the protection of marine ecosystems.

All in all, every traveler should take action along with the administrative policy to protect the marine ecosystems in Nha Trang. How can you enjoy a vacation in Nha Trang with the best experience? Let's Check out the best Nha Trang Tours at BestPrice Travel.


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