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Nha Trang Shopping: Markets and Tips

July 12, 2022 - 540 views

Local markets are a part of the unique culture in Asian countries. Tourists who travel to Nha Trang would be thrilled to find out about the many markets selling different products. Let's explore and add these names to your travel itinerary!

Choosing among different markets can be daunting for people who are not familiar with the local life. After lounging on the beaches and fun water activities in Nha Trang, walking around the markets will be a great way to wind down. It is not only the best way to shop for fresh and authentic local products, but you can also get to know the local atmosphere and create valuable memories on your vacation. Here are some markets visitors should consider when traveling to Nha Trang.

7 Markets in Nha Trang for the best shopping experience

1. Dam Market

Located in the north of Nha Trang center on Ben Cho Street, Dam Market is known to be the largest market in Nha Trang and the one that attracts a huge number of visitors. From the early morning, Dam Market provides a bustling shopping place full of life in the coastal city. Dam Market consists of two floors with a unique architectural style that appeals to domestic and foreign visitors for its special round shape.

Dam Market is home to a variety of local shops selling different products, from household goods to consumer goods and handicraft products as souvenirs. There are also places to get reasonably-priced clothes and accessories to bring home. If you are interested in local foods and cuisine, you can check out the seafood section, which provides dried seafood such as shrimp and squid and fresh seafood along with delicious dishes. Aside from shopping, you can try out the local cuisine and enjoy authentic food in this appealing coastal city. Trying local specialties is a must when visiting Nha Trang, and Dam Market is one of the best places for it. This market holds cultural values as a place for trading and a part of locals' daily lives.

2. Nha Trang Night Market

For travelers looking to unwind after a day of swimming and participating in beach activities, definitely head to Nha Trang Night Market and enjoy the bustling nightlife in this coastal city. It is located in the middle of Nha Trang City, between Tran Quang Khai and Tue Tinh Street. This small market has attracted a lot of visitors' attention for its comfortable atmosphere and range of activities. In the evening, visitors can stroll through the vendors selling accessories and tourist souvenirs such as scarves and handmade products, lit by colorful lights.

3. Xom Moi Market

Located right in the city center, Xom Moi market, formed in the 1960s, is a bustling and famous local market with a full range of fresh products such as meat and vegetables at affordable prices. Xom Moi market is a familiar shopping place for everyday shopping needs, reflecting the daily life of local people.

thick noodle soup

Thick noodle soup (Banh canh ca loc) is one of the dishes you can find in Nha Trang

The scale of the market is quite large, with over 1000 small traders. Xom Moi market is quite famous for its food stalls serving tasty local food at affordable prices. When coming here for a shopping spree, you should not miss out on the dishes such as fish vermicelli, mini pancakes, grilled meat rolls, and more.

4. Vinh Hai Market

Vinh Hai market has become a place to trade a range of items in Nha Trang, It is one of the marketplaces with a convenient location, allowing easy access and travel. The market is well-known not just among locals but also among international visitors. Clothing, veggies, and dry products such as dried squid are popular items in Vinh Hai Market.

5. Binh Tan Market

Binh Tan Market, on Vo Thi Sau Street, offers Nha Trang's most famous specialties, including fresh seafood. The market also has shops selling souvenirs and everyday essentials in addition to food and drinks. There are many dried seafood products such as dried squid, or shrimp, which are a popular choice among Vietnamese people to buy as gifts when returning home. It is an ideal shopping location if travelers want to buy Nha Trang seafood as a gift.

fresh seafood

As a coastal city, Nha Trang is known for a wide range of different fresh seafood

All the seafood in Khanh Hoa province can be found here, at reasonable prices. More than 1150 merchants gather in the market, bringing the freshest seafood, allowing consumers to pick from a vast selection and pay at the best prices.

Seafood is a very popular specialty in Nha Trang for this is a coastal city. You can find it anywhere, from a luxury restaurant that offers well-made dishes to tasty street food in the food stalls. There are many ways that local people cook fresh seafood, such as boiling, stir-frying, and grilling. that utilize the specialty to its best. You can try out these dishes at local restaurants and taste the best from the sea. When it comes to buying seafood, you should check out the seafood markets away from the city center, where you can observe local people and see the gorgeous sights at the beaches. Here are three recommendations for seafood markets near the city:

6. Vinh Luong Market

About 11 kilometers from Nha Trang city center in the Vinh Luong area, the Vinh Luong seafood market is near one of the major fishing ports. It is also a familiar destination for photographers or tourists who love to explore natural beauty when coming to Nha Trang.

nha trang port

The fishing boats - a sight to see when visiting one of the ports in Nha Trang

The dry goods selection is diverse, and the prices are very affordable, if not inexpensive. Vinh Luong Market sells a variety of agricultural items, including fruits, vegetables, and other products. Many items are cheaper than in other markets. In addition, goods are selective and well preserved. You will want to return to this location because of the friendly local sellers and reasonable prices.

7. Hon Ro Market

Hon Ro Harbor is a large trading area for fresh seafood, with an exciting atmosphere brought about by the fisherman every early morning. At Hon Ro Market, you will not only get the chance to walk around the fishing port and observe the local people's daily life, but you can also buy different types of seafood that are recently caught by the fishermen. It is an exciting place about 20 minutes away from the city center. If you come here at dawn, the beautiful sight and bustling trading will be a rewarding experience. When you arrive, you will be amazed at the wonderful beauty - the sea with many fishing boats.

Tips for Shopping at Markets in Nha Trang

  • To avoid being overcharged at a local market, we recommend asking about the prices carefully before buying and comparing prices between different stores. Another tip is to opt for reliable stores and stalls with listed prices so you can consider before deciding to buy.
  • If you want to buy fresh seafood, you should go to the market early in the morning. At this time, the goods have just been delivered to the market, so they are quite fresh.
  • While shopping, you should take notice of your personal belongings and beware of pickpockets.

In the article, we have provided some information regarding Nha Trang shopping, markets, and special products. Hopefully, it will enable you to plan your visit to Nha Trang and take the stress off souvenir shopping.

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