Ninh Giang Town Hai Duong

Located 30 km southeast of Hai Duong City, beside the peaceful Luoc River, Ninh Giang is famous for its rich cultural and historical tradition. The region is also well-known for local specialties. 

Ninh Giang is blessed with a beautiful landscape and fertile soil.

To wet rice civilizations, rivers are particularly important because wherever there are rivers, populous, rich, and fertile lands are generated. Sailing down major rivers, one can see the flow of history and culture of clans. There is no exaggeration to say that when coming to deltas, tourists only need to follow rivers to be able to penetrate into locals’ life and most typical values.

Boating down the Luoc river, the tourists had a chance to visit a traditional village and see how people manually make bamboo baskets, familiar items in Vietnamese families. Not only the destinations were attractive to the visitors, but river sceneries throughout the journey also brought exciting experiences about the rivers really characterizing Vietnam.

There are a number of historical relics, ancient pagodas and temples in Ninh Giang. The Chong Pagoda has a set of unique Buddha statues. The Khuc Thua Du Temple, which sits beside the Luoc River, is an architectural relic with a stone bridge, a yard and bas reliefs made from large stones. The temple is dedicated to national heroes, who laid the foundation for national independence after 1,000 years of northern occupation. 

The Tranh temple in Tranh Xuyen Village, Dong Tam commune, is a famous and holy one. Built by the Tranh river many centuries ago, the temple has been re-built to include 3 halls: the front hall, the main hall and the back hall, and each hall has 7 apartments. It was built in the architectural style of the Le and Nguyen dynasties and still contains the 200-kilo-bronze statue of Mandarin Tuan Tranh and 4 stone statues of other mandarins. The Tranh festival is held twice a year in the second and the 8th lunar month attracting a growing number of visitors in recent years.


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