Phan Rang Travel Guide

Phan Rang was established in 1917, in the period of Khai Dinh Empire. After Ninh Thuan was re-established in 1992, Phan Rang town and Thap Cham town were integrated become one and named Phan Rang or Phan Rang- Thap Cham. In January 2007, following the government's decree, Phan Rang town became Phan Rang City.

A diversified city
Charming beaches are always the first destinations when coming to Phan Rang. Each beach has its own feature like Ca Na beach, which is described as a sleepy fairy queen because of its poetic beauty. Ninh Chu beach is the best place in Vietnam for admiring sunset. Despite lack of many beautiful coral reefs, Vinh Hy bay attracts people by the sights of blue sea surrounded by imposing limestone mountains and spread of green grass.
Phan Rang weather is usually hot; hence there are many dunes and plateaus. For instance, Phuoc Dinh sand dune, which is high about 20m- 30m, attracts visitors by unique waves of sand. Because of wind's effect, the terrain here changes constantly and creates interesting natural phenomenon.

Phan Rang also includes famous handicraft villages such as Bau Tru pottery village and My Nghiep brocade village. Visitors will have chances to understand deeply the manual process for making ceramic products and colorful brocades also.

Go through a large grape garden, tourist will reach mysterious towers built based on unique architecture of Cham people. Pôklong Garai complex is the ancient Cham temple tower which was built in 13th century and now still preserved to become a highlight of Phang Rang- Thap Cham. Visitors have unforgettable time when admire special architecture, sculpture of the god Siva in front door and listen to interesting legend.

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