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Phone Say

Phone Say is a hidden village specializing in beautiful textile weavings, that is located a few kilometers from Luang Prabang. Being one of the most intact traditional villages in Laos, coming here visitors can understand old traditional culture of local people and explore the weaving process deeply. General information
Lying silently along the Mekong Delta's bank, Phone Say is a small charming village. Only one way to reach this place is walking about 20km from the main road. After a half- hour, you can reach this village and will be welcomed by friendly people. Besides interacting with local people and their daily livings, this is a good chance for you to understand the traditional weaving process. From that you can know how skillful craftmen are in order to make the sophisticated textile fabrics.
Normally, while women are weaving, the local men go fishing on Mekong Delta to gain more income for their family.

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