How to Travel to Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam, which is 45 km away from the mainland at the closest. The island attracts a large number of tourists coming to visit each year thanks to its stunning beach with fine white sand and turquoise water, delightfully fresh seafood, friendly local people… The best way to get to Phu Quoc is to take a flight. If getting to Phu Quoc is something still unfamiliar to you, keep reading the below article. 

Due to the gorgeous beach, deliciously fresh seafood, and hospitable locals, Phu Quoc draws a lot of tourists each year. There are several ways to travel to this island so continue reading if you need more helpful information about how to go to Phu Quoc.

How to Get Around Phu Quoc

With the development of tourism, Phu Quoc’s infrastructure is also becoming more upgraded and promising. Roads in Phu Quoc are convenient and there are many affordable methods for tourists to move around in Phu Quoc. 

By Taxi

Get Around Phu Quoc By VinaSun Taxi

Get Around Phu Quoc By VinaSun Taxi

Taxi is one of the popular means of transportation in Phu Quoc that many tourists choose to get around. There are a wide variety of taxi brands in Phu Quoc for you to choose from, such as:

- Phu Quoc Taxi (Tel: 02973.757575)

- Sasco Phu Quoc Taxi (Tel: 02973.767676)

- VinaSun Taxi (Tel: 02973.789.789).

However, the price is quite expensive (17.000 VND per km) and it will cost you a fortune if traveling for a long distance. You had better ask for help from the receptionists at your hotel.

By Bus

Get Around Phu Quoc By Bus

Get Around Phu Quoc By Bus

Bus in Phu Quoc was put into operation at the end of 2018. The operation time is from 5:00 in the morning, with a frequency of 15 minutes/trip in a day. Ticket prices range from 20,000 VND - 50,000 VND. 

Currently, there are 3 main bus routes on the island: 

 - Duong Dong Town - Airport - Bai Vong (pier)

 - An Thoi - Ham Ninh - Bai Thom

 - An Thoi - Duong Dong - Ganh Dau

After reaching the main station, you will need to use other kinds of transportation like taxis and motor-taxi to get to your destinations. 

By Motorbike

Motorbike, A Convenient Way Of Travel

Motorbike, A Convenient Way Of Travel

If you are planning to travel to Phu Quoc on your own, motorbikes will definitely be the right means of transportation for you. You can rent a motorbike at the hotel or at some motorbike rental shops in the center of Duong Dong town.

Rental price ranges from 120,000 VND/day - 200,000 VND/day. When renting a bike, you need to have an original ID card and a deposit. Driving a motorbike to explore the island, you need to put an eye on your bike to avoid being stolen.


How to Get to Phu Quoc

The most convenient way to get to Phu Quoc is by plane. If you are in Vietnam, you can take a domestic flight to Phu Quoc from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, or some other cities. 

Travel To Phu Quoc By Airway

Travel To Phu Quoc By Airway

Hanoi to Phu Quoc

Direct flight from Hanoi to Phu Quoc takes only 2 hours. There are 3 airlines operating nonstop flights from Hanoi to Phu Quoc, which are Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, and Bamboo airway. The return flight ticket price is from 65 USD to 130 USD.

Ho Chi Minh to Phu Quoc

The flying distance from Ho Chi Minh city to Phu Quoc is pretty short, so it takes you only 1 hour of flying. The price is also cheaper, ranging from 65 USD to 110 USD per return ticket. You can book Vietjet air or Bamboo airway to get a good price, but choose Vietnam Airlines if you are looking for a more convenient flight.

Can Tho to Phu Quoc

Another popular flying route to Phu Quoc is Can Tho to Phu Quoc. You need to travel 1 hour on the plane to get to Phu Quoc from Can Tho. There is only one airline having direct flights from Can Tho to Phu Quoc, which is a Vietnam airline. The return ticket price is about 85 to 130 USD.

International Routes to Phu Quoc

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, there were direct flights from some countries to Phu Quoc such as Korea, Cambodia, China, Russia, Singapore, etc.

From November 2021, Phu Quoc was expected to welcome visitors from high tourism potential regions such as Northeast Asia, Europe, the US, and the Middle East.


Phu Quoc is a paradise of entertainment, adventure, and discovery for all tourists. Traveling to Phu Quoc is easy and you can opt for different transportation to wander around the city. Consult the below itinerary and transportation suggestions to have the best Phu Quoc trip.