Pom Coong Village Mai Chau

Pom Coọng is a village of Thai peole located in Mai Châu, belonging to Hòa Bình province. This place is known as a cultural and tourism village and also an attractive destination for tourists from both domestic and foreign.
“Pom Coong” village has a very interesting and unique meaning, the word “Pom” in Thai is a hill, and “Coong” means a drum, combining both words “Pom Coong” together means the village having hills on a big drum, this big drum as known as vast fields. Pom Coong village has more than 300 people with nearly 70 households in 7 big families living together happily.

Pom coong village

Poom Coong village 

According to Thai tradition, Pom Coong villagers still build stilt houses to stay. Stilt houses are separated only by a small vegetable garden or fence. Pom Coong stilt house conforms to the Thai tradition: the main materials is bamboo or wood and build the floor about 2m above the ground, solid wooden pillars, roof using bricks, tiles, or rattan leaves. Each house has many windows of all sizes to let the wind blow into the house and decorate with wildflowers.

poom coong

Tradional house on stilt in Poom Coong

Besides that, under the stilt house is also a place to sell souvenirs for tourists such as brocades, bags, shirts, wristbands, etc. Especially the locals here are very friendly, you can watch and take some pictures in front of a shop without interruption. That is also one of the charms of Pom Coong.

Tourists who once came to Pom Coong not only have a chance to enjoy the fresh air and peaceful scenery but also immerse themselves in the daily life of Thai people in many cultural festivals with spreading dance, gong festival, sleeping on stilts, drinking wine with a stick and climbing mountains, etc. No one can forget the happy songs from the traditional dance, the melody of Thai boys and girls.

Travel tip

Visitors are encouraged to take off their shoes and even to clean their feet with water before entering the houses.
Bring along a towel, toiletries, insect repellant, etc. if you stay overnight.

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