Prenn waterfall Vietnam

Prenn Waterfall has been an attractive tourism spots for ones who would love to explore Da Lat at its most natural form, which thanks to its authentic charm and beauty.

Prenn WaterfallPrenn WaterfallPrenn WaterfallPrenn WaterfallPrenn waterfallPrenn WaterfallPrenn Waterfall

The waterfall itself looks like a beautiful curtain running unstoppably years to years. Coming to Prenn, tourists are not only exposed to one of the most magnificent waterfall of Da Lat, but also get a chance to dive in nature while touring around the area. One fun fact is that Prenn offers visitors a cool view from behind “the curtain”. Thanks to being a overhang waterfall, you can walk under the overhand and sneak behind the liquid curtain for a moment of peace and a unique view of the waterfall itself.

Prenn Waterfall

Prenn Waterfall

There are some activities which provide visitors with some fun, and relaxing adventure such as horse carriage riding around the area, cable car trips over the falls, thrilling ostrich riding, and even elephant or water buffalo riding. Locals have trained the animals to become so friendly to tourists, and the ability to make some fun for you during your ride. Coming here early in the morning so you can pay a full day exploring all the fun activities may actually satisfy your adventurous soul.

Prenn Waterfall

Prenn Waterfall

As one of the top 4 falls near Dalat, Prenn waterfall is definitely worth your visit. It is recommended to come here during weekdays if possible for less crowded area. Since Prenn waterfall is located only about 10km away from Dalat city center, you can take taxi or ride motorbike to Prenn mountain to enjoy the great road view.

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