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Pub Street

Fancy spending an evening down a lively street after a day of exploring historical attractions in Siem Reap? It is perfect for those looking for a refresher drink in the calming city of Siem Reap or looking to see what the nightlife in Cambodia is all about.

In 2001, "Tomb Raider" starring world-class actress Angelina Jolie, which was filmed at an Angkor temple, gained tremendous success. Travelers all over the world took it as an opportunity to discover the charms of Siem Reap. Then, more and more visitors queued up at Pub Street's eating spots, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations of Cambodia.

Pub Street at night

Tourists walking around Pub Street at night / Source: mikecphoto

Located in the heart of the city, Pub Street is a must-see attraction on your holiday in Siem Reap. Its official title is "Street 08" but the more informal name has been coined by city dwellers and tourists since 2008. Pub Street Siem Reap begins at Red Piano Restaurant and ends at the Banana Leaf Restaurant. Along the way, you will find something that fits your tastes and needs — be it for partying at a nightclub, having a drink at a local bar, or enjoying a fancy dinner at a restaurant.

As the name 'Pub Street' suggests, there are plenty of Cambodian bars, nightclubs, and restaurants down the streets, suitable for backpackers and even locals who enjoy the lively atmosphere. Vehicles are blocked from the streets from 5 PM, so it is completely safe to explore food at your own pace. To get here when you are staying in the city, simply ask the tuk-tuk drivers for 'pub street' or 'bar street'. Additionally, there are many hotels near Pub Street Siem Reap, only within one to two kilometers. BestPrice Travel can assist you in choosing the most suitable accommodation.

Pub Street Siem Reap Cambodia

Along the streets, there are many bars and restaurants, each with its own appeal

The vivid neon lights remind me of Shilin Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan, but Siem Reap Pub Street has its charm. If you are a photo-savvy tourist, you will come home with the most Instagram-worthy pictures! It is said that June is a suitable time of the year for taking great photos. The most famous spot is one of the longest-standing bars in Pub Street — Angkor What? Bar, which is always bustling with music until the early hours. For alternatives, try Picasso Bar or Miss Wong Cocktail Bar.

Angkor what bar Siem Reap pub street

Angkor What? Bar was established in the 1990s. Its walls is full of names of visitors, as a way to preserve the long-lived tradition.

In terms of food, Siem Reap Pub Street has just anything, from Western cuisine to home-cooked food and Cambodian dishes, as well as street food stalls with tasty snacks. Walk down the streets to explore the hundreds of restaurants and explore your favorites. If you are overwhelmed by the various options, check out Le Tigre De Papier, The Red Piano and The Banana Leaf. In addition to accommodating bars and restaurants, getting a massage is a favorite activity for visitors. Usually hidden in small alleys and street corners, they provide different kinds of massage that can cater to customers' needs from just $3. However, the massage parlors are extremely packed after 5 PM.

temple massage pub street Siem Reap

Temple Massage, one of tourists' favorites, is easy to find on Pub Street.

Other activities include getting a fish massage, shopping for small souvenirs made in Cambodia, and watching street performances. You will not run out of things to do when spending an evening at Pub Street 08. After that, call for a tuk-tuk to take you back to your accommodation in Siem Reap as there will be plenty waiting for you at the entrance.


  • Some restaurants are overpriced so you might find better food in less congested areas. However, Pub Street is worth the visit when you travel to Siem Reap, so read the reviews in advance and remember to check the prices with restaurants' staff first.
  • If you visit during happy hour, some bars offer draught beer for as low as $0.50 a glass. At normal prices, drinks are still typically cheap.
  • The Khmer Night Market is only a five-minute walk from Pub Street. The prices there are easily negotiable, so prepare to bargain and bring home some souvenirs.

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