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Quang Nam Guide - All you need to know

Quang Nam Province is in the middle of Vietnam central, located about 860 km from Hanoi City, and 865 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Quang Nam attracts a lot of tourists because of its potentiality on tourism development


Beauty of nature

Nature gives Quang Nam priceless gifts such as 125km coast which stretches from Dien Ngoc to Dung Quat bay; pristine beauty of Phu Ninh lake; primitive forest on the West of Quang Nam; and many charming beaches with gold sand and blue water like Rang beach, etc. Moreover, Truong Giang River and Cu Lao Cham or Cham Island nowadays are ideal eco tourism spots for a lot of Vietnamese tourists and foreigners also.
Besides, coming to Tam Ky, visitors will enjoy poetic natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere of Phu Ninh lake; and explore its rich flora and fauna.

Beauty of culture resources

Fukian Assembly Hall In Quang Nam

Fukian Assembly Hall In Quang Nam

Through many up and down periods, Quang Nam has been preserving many cultural resources that own profound human values, especially two World Culture Heritages: Hoi An ancient town and My Son Holy land. My Son Holy Land includes many temples were built to honor the Hindu divinities; Krishna, Vishnu, and above all, the benevolent yet fearsome Shiva. Each temple worships a genie or a king of a different dynasty and has its own architectural style. Coming to Hoi An, tourists will be charmed with tranquil atmosphere, elegant beauty of ancient streets and bright lantern glistening on town in the evening.
Furthermore, there are many other attractions in Quang Nam such as Tra Kieu Old Champa capital, Cham Towers in Khuong My and Chien Dan, which reflect clearly Sa Huynh, Champa and Dai Viet cultures

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