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Quang Ngai - Historical Ancient Province

Quang Ngai province is a province in central Vietnam with a long coastline and many beautiful landscapes. There are many places to explore tourism in Quang Ngai, and this land is also an exciting choice for those who love this central coastal province. Let's explore with BestPrice Travel the fabulous places in this beautiful land!


Quang Ngai History Events

Through the process of formation and development, Quang Ngai is known for its rich history and culture. Quang Ngai is a coastal province in the South Central Coast region. In terms of geographical distance, this province is 820 km South of Ho Chi Minh City.

Quang Ngai Province

Aerial view of Quang Ngai Province

In 1471, the Dai Viet army regained Thang, Hoa, Tu, and Nghia, and occupied the capital Cha Ban (now in Binh Dinh province), belonging to the old Champa. After that, established the Quang Nam missionary religion (now Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, and Da Nang cities). Quang Nam's religion is divided into 3 wards: Thang Hoa, Tu Nghia, and Hoai Nhan, in which Quang Ngai province belongs to Tu Nghia.

In 1602, in the process of renaming the palaces of the Le Dynasty, for the first time, the name Quang Nghia (Nghia) appeared with the name "Quang Nghia palace," which is now Quang Ngai province.


Top Quang Ngai's Attractions

Quang Ngai has many beautiful places that you have never known. Here are the most outstanding destinations you should not miss when traveling to Quang Ngai province!

Chau Sa Ancient Citadel

According to the latest statistics of the national museum, Chau Sa Citadel is considered an area that retains the most memories of Cham Pa culture in Quang Ngai, with unique architecture and a thickness of ancient monuments. Surrounded by a deep moat, Chau Sa Citadel will be an ideal tourist place for everyone to explore.

Chau Sa Ancient Citadel

Learn about Vietnamese history at Chau Sa Ancient Citadel

The citadel is located on national highway 24B going to Sa Ky - Dung Quat port, in Tinh Chau commune, 7 km northeast of Quang Ngai city center, adjacent to Tra Khuc river to the south, Ham Giang river to Sa seaport in the north. Ky. The citadel has 2 citadels connecting the inner defense with the Tra Khuc river.

At any time of the year, coming to Chau Sa's ancient citadel, visitors not only listen to the old history stories but also immerse themselves in the green space and experience the peaceful life of the people here.

From the delicate, poetic features or the lyrical unspoiled architectural scene, for the people of Quang Ngai, Chau Sa's ancient citadel is always a pride for them.


Ly Son Island

You will visit Sa Ky port from Quang Ngai city to visit Ly Son island. This is the only point for tourists to Ly Son to catch a train to visit the island. Currently, in addition to the slow train that takes about 2 hours to get to the island, visitors can take a speedboat in less than 1 hour. Therefore, you can choose a slow boat if you want to see the scenery and float on the sea.

Ly Son Island is also known as Re islet. According to the elders on the island, it is so named because, in the past, there were many Re. This island was originally an extinct volcano, so the land here is incredibly green and beautiful.

Ly Son Island

Extraordinary landscapes on Ly Son Island

About 40km from Quang Ngai city, this place is famous with the nickname "Garlic Kingdom" because garlic trees are grown a lot on this island. However, the most attractive tourist attraction is the clear blue sea color and poetic and surprisingly beautiful scenery. Therefore, many beautiful Ly Son hotels are here to watch the early sunrise.

Standing in front of that scene, you can feel free and comfortable because the blue of the sea in harmony with the green of the trees always brings peace and lightness.


Sa Huynh Salt Field

Sa Huynh salt field in Pho Thanh commune, Duc Pho district, Quang Ngai province, has been known for a long time through the highly artistic photos of many domestic and international photographers. This place is a vital salt granary of the central region of Vietnam; salt making in Sa Huynh has entered many verses and verses of Vietnam.

Coming to Quang Ngai, it will be a pity to skip the experience of visiting Sa Huynh salt village because this place will give you a very different impression and experience than the tourist activities you are familiar with.

Sa Huynh Salt Field

Amazing sunset at Sa Huynh Salt Field


White Waterfall 

The white waterfall tourist area is located in the Minh Long district and is about 20km from Quang Ngai city. The scenery here is awe-inspiring of the pristine, fresh mountains; the waterfall falls in the middle of the surrounding landscape with so many trees, rivers, and streams with white foam. Coming to Quang Ngai, do not miss this place because you will immediately have virtual live photos with a beautiful view.

White Waterfall Quang Ngai

The impressive scenery of White Waterfall

At a height of more than 40 meters, the white waterfall flows down like a gentle stream of hair of a fairy, letting loose naturally. Especially the scenery around the White waterfall is full of wild hills and mountains; you will be immersed in the green color of leaves and flowers and the quiet, fresh, and highly majestic peaks of the White waterfall, which is considered the symbol of the Minh Long district.

So if you come to the mountainous district of Minh Long, known for its brocade cloths, gongs, and can wine of the Cor ethnic group, do not forget to visit the White Waterfall. 


Culture in Quang Ngai

Quang Ngai is not only a famous land with many beautiful natural landscapes but also known for its unique culture that is unique to this place. From food and festivals to architecture, Quang Ngai culture has shown that this is a place not only endowed by nature but also by people.

Culture In Quang Ngai

Competition among boat racing teams in Quang Ngai

From the past until now, Quang Ngai cuisine has always been known for its salty, slightly spicy, and rich flavor that has fascinated many diners right from the first time.

In addition, the festival is an indispensable beauty in Quang Ngai culture in particular and Vietnamese culture in general. One festival representing this land's uniqueness is the Boat Racing Festival. This festival is for you if you are a history enthusiast and want to explore unique cultural beauty.


Quang Ngai Weather

Quang Ngai belongs to the tropical and monsoon climate zone, with a relatively high background temperature depending on the topographical area, but there is a specific difference. The climate here is divided into three regions: high mountain, low mountain, and plain weather.

The best time for backpacking trips to Quang Ngai is from April to August. The weather is dry and sunny, and the scenery is green, especially avoiding the wet and rainy situation, which is very inconvenient for moving. The sunny weather is suitable for many fun activities, landscapes, and swimming.


Transportation in Quang Ngai

  • How to get to: To come to Quang Ngai province, you can book a plane ticket to Chu Lai airport.
  • How to get around: You can ride a motorbike or take a private car to Quang Ngai, draw the same way as you go, and enjoy. Moving to Quang Ngai and finding a place to rent a motorbike for backpacking is also a good option. In addition to personal vehicles, you can choose public transport for your trips, such as a bus or train.


Travel Information in Quang Ngai

  • To have the best Quang Ngai tour, you should choose the right time to travel with the weather conditions.
  • You should bring only enough cash to avoid being dropped or stolen.
  • If you are traveling by yourself from 1-2 people, you should travel by motorbike to save money.
  • It would be best if you chose a place to visit near where you stay to facilitate travel in the Quang Ngai travel itinerary.

From the Quang Ngai travel experience that we have stated, please prepare a tour schedule following your wishes! Also, do not forget to contact Bestprice Travel's team if you want more information about places to visit, eat, stay, etc., when planning your Quang Ngai travel!

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