Saigon Central Post Office Vietnam

One of the most beautiful preserved remnant of the French since their colonial period. Perhaps, The Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh city can be considered as the most magnificent post office in Southeast Asia.

Saigon Central Post OfficeSaigon Central Post OfficeSaigon Central Post OfficeSaigon Central Post OfficeSaigon Central Post OfficeSaigon Central Post OfficeSaigon Central Post Office

Visiting the post office, tourists can learn about the historical attraction and also take nice photos in such attractive French-styled building.

Saigon Central Post Office

Saigon Central Post Office


Constructed from 1886 to 1891, Central Post Office was designed by Alfred Foulhoux. Entering the post office, visitors will be amazed by its looping arches, detailed marble floor, and the old-fashioned telephone boxes. The construction design is undoubtedly worth your while staring with giant world map paintings, clocks, and other detailed decorations. As historical as it is, the Central Post Office is still functioning, which makes it more valuable in terms of cultural value.

Saigon Central Post Office Inside

Inside Saigon Central Post Office


Tourists coming to the post office are encouraged to send a letter or postcard, using antiquated glue pots to stick stamps to letters, which is quite cool experience for modern citizens. However, to experience such interesting activity, you should come in during office hour from 7AM to 7PM. There are many souvenirs, postcards and handcrafts sold in a small hall of the post office for tourists. However, the price is quite inflated in comparison to the markets in Ho Chi Minh city.


Saigon Post office is best place to selfie

Saigon Post office is best place to selfie


The Central Post Office is located right on Notre Dame Cathedral’s side, which gives travelers the convenience of touring both attractions on their own foot. You can also enjoy the city center’s atmosphere around with variety of premium coffee shops to local sidewalk coffee vendors. The locals often feed the doves landing around the area, which attracts many of them coming in every day. Seeing this view is worth your while, definitely.

Saigon Central Post Office Map

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