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Saigon River is the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. It has stood by Ho Chi Minh City people through every ups and downs during the city’s history.


Saigon RiverNha Rong HarborSaigon River

The previous name of Ho Chi Minh City was Saigon which named after Saigon River 300 years ago. Saigon River has 230 km length across Ho Chi Minh City, which flows from Vietnam - Cambodia border.

Saigon River at night

Saigon River at night

In the early 20th century, Saigon was considered as “The Pearl of the Far East” (“La perle de l’Extrême Orient” in French) and the main reason was the busy trade in Saigon Riverside. Saigon River was an important way to reach Asia by boats and it is also the best place to anchor the boat after a long trip on the sea. There are many harbors along the riverside such as: Ben Nghe harbor, Thu Thiem harbor, Nha Rong harbor, etc. Traders from India, China, Europe, etc. sailed their boats to Saigon for exchanging cloth, silk, jewels and having a rest in the city. Therefore, Saigon became one of the busiest cities in the world at that time. It is said that “Harbor above boat under” to describe the busy of the traffic on the river.

Nha Rong Harbor

Nha Rong Harbor

The best way for tourist to enjoy the beauty of Saigon River is booking a cruise tour. The trip will take you a few hours, knowledgeable tour guides will let you know about the importance of the river and the history of it. Tourist also have a chance to visit Mekong Delta, which is famous for traditional floating houses. Seeing fishermen with colorful boats, the children is playing in front of the houses. Along the river, you will cross a natural reserve area: Can Gio mangrove forest. Continuing upstream, tourist will come to Cu Chi Tunnels with about 250 km in length which used to a shelter tunnel and resistance command center of the South Vietnamese army during the Indochina War.

Join in a Saigon River cruise tour, tourist not only gain many knowledge about this legend river but also feeling the cool breeze in your face during the time on the river. A dinner cruise is also a good choice for you to enjoy a delicious dinner with relaxing music and luxury atmosphere while traveling along the river.





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