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Saigon Russian Market Ho Chi Minh City

Referring to shopping places in Ho Chi Minh City, many people will think of Ben Thanh Market, Saigon Square, or big commercial centers like Vincom, Parkson, or Diamond... However, there is still one place selling special things that some tourists may miss. It is the Russian market that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and buy. In this article, we will introduce to you the unique features of this market and the experience of buying things in the Russian market. Keep reading and find useful information in the article.

Where is Saigon Russian Market and how to get there?

Saigon Russian market stands at Central Garden Building at 328 Vo Van Kiet, District 1, just 1 km from Ben Thanh market. The road links the west and the east of Ho Chi Minh city, so it is easy to come to Russian Market using different kinds of transportation such as motorbikes, buses, taxis, or Grab.

Opening hours: 09:00 am – 07:00 pm daily

Why is it called "Russian Market"?

Russian Market sells a lot of diverse products, most of which are fashion clothes, handicrafts ... from Russia. The market was founded by a group of international students who studied in Russia (former the Soviet Union). People call it the Russian market because this is the trading point of goods produced in Vietnam, then exported to Russia as well as specialties from Russia imported to Vietnam.

The market is like a miniature of Russia in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. There is a Russian atmosphere from the exterior decoration to the inside. Moreover, you can find in this market most of the sellers used to study and work in Russia. They can speak several languages like Vietnamese, English, and Russian. They sometimes share their own stories with the customers who they like.

What to buy at the Russian Market in Saigon?

The Russian market has nearly 200 stalls selling all kinds of goods from warm clothes, food to typical Russian souvenirs. The main products are warm clothes produced in Vietnam for export to the countries which have cold weather such as Russia, Korea, etc.

Walking along the stall selling warm clothes, visitors think that they are walking in shops in Russia because all the stores are hanging billboards in Russian. The items sold at the Russian market are all high-quality Vietnamese goods, exported to Russia and Eastern European countries, and are very popular in foreign markets. The prices at the market are also very affordable for the budget traveler. Moreover, most of the items have listed prices so it is easy to buy.

Besides clothes from Russia, you can find many other products from Russia as well as from other countries such as the U.S.A., Australia, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. Here customers can find Russian souvenirs such as Matryoshka dolls, nesting dolls as well as the famous Raffaello chocolates, sunflower seeds, canned foods including salted herring and canned peach, Russian dumplings, BBQ shashlik marinate spices, caviar, cured pork fat, ketchup, etc.

Tips for the best shopping experience in Saigon Russian Market

If you are intending to buy goods in the Russian market, here are some experiences of buying things in the market that you can refer to:

  • When shopping at the Russian market, wear low-heeled shoes, and light clothes because the aisles in the market are very narrow. Wearing comfortable clothes helps sightseeing and shopping more enjoyable.
  • Prepare cash for shopping at the market as most of the sellers accept cash only. You have to be extremely careful because the market is crowded and it is easy to be stolen.
  • Do not wear expensive jewelry, furniture, personal belongings, phones, wallets as you can be stolen as well.
  • This market is famous for its "giant" size clothes for foreigners and tall people who find it difficult to buy medium-sized clothes at Vietnamese markets.
  • Sellers at this market are very friendly, approachable and do not entice customers or cut off like other markets in Saigon. However, you should still be careful, consult the prices around the market to find the stalls selling the best prices.
  • If you want to find a place to relax and enjoy some Russian food, the Cafe Restaurant is the right choice to taste amazing Russian specialty foods cooked by experienced chefs in a warm atmosphere.

Today the Russian market is not only a major trading center between Vietnamese and Russian businesses but many domestic and foreign travel companies have also included this market in the list of places to visit during the trip in Vietnam. Russian market contributes to promoting economic development and building a sustainable friendship relationship in all aspects between Vietnam and Russia.

Saigon Russian Market Map

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