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Located about 6km from the west of Chau Doc town, Sam Mountain seems the highest mountain in Mekong Delta with the height of 230m. There are not only so amazing sights but also many ancient pagoda and temples. Come here, you will have great experience.

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Beautiful sights and attractions

Try to reach Sam Mountain peak, you will gain more than you expected for sure. On the way there, you will admire the view of green mixed gold rice field-stretching along two sides. Trekking up on the mountain, there are various historical attractions, temples and small pagodas that help tourists understand more about Vietnamese historical highlights and religions of local people as well.

Some attractions are Chua Xu temple, Tay An pagoda, Thoai Noc Hau tomb, etc. Especially, you should visit this place in the second half of the 4th lunar month to participate in Chua Xu festival, so understand deeply about Vietnamese culture.

Chua Xu Temple

Chua Xu Temple

Reach the peak, without fog, you will be treated to the panorama view of imposing mountain coved by green color of plants, blue sky and even can look out over Cambodia. Standing here, take a deep breath, you feel more energetic and immerse in pure atmosphere here.

What to do

On the way to reach the peak, you can stop for a while to visit local villages and see their everyday life. If you are tired of walking, just relax at a coffee shop located on Sam Mountain, take some coffee and enjoy pure atmosphere here with imposing nature.

Sam Moutain View

Sam Moutain View

Come here in 4th lunar month, you have chance to enjoy Chua Xu festival held on 24th, 25th and 26th. In festival, a lot of women knee down around the shrine and each person hold a white lily. There are only two chosen women are able to wash and change clothes for Chua Xu (Xu lady) statue. After that, the important rite is implemented solemnly. Finishing the rites, clothes of Chua Xu are divided into many small pieces and give participants for free as a talisman.

In addition, you should spend more time on discover Chau Doc, which is located only 6km from this mountain.

Sam Mountain Map

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