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Sandamuni Pagoda Mandalay

The pagoda is famous for the statue of Sandamuni Buddha of the Konbaung dynasty in 1802 which King Mindon brought from Amarapura.

The Sandamuni Pagoda (named after the Sandamuni Buddha statue) is located to the southeast of Mandalay Hill and looks similar to nearby Kuthodaw Pagoda. It was built as a memorial to Crown Prince Kanaung, King Mindon’s younger half-brother, who had helped him seize power from Pagan Min in 1853 and was assassinated by 2 of Mindon’s sons. In 1874, King Mindon had the pagoda built near the graves of the Crown Prince. The pagoda is famous for the Iron statue of Sandamuni Buddha of the Konbaung dynasty in 1802 which King Mindon brought from Amarapura to his new pagoda and shrine in 1874. The statue is covered with gold foils pasted by believers over the years. Apart from the iron statue of Buddha, there were statues of 80 other disciples, which have now been converted to mini-stupas around the pagoda.

The Sanda Muni Paya also features 1774 marble slabs which include the commentaries and sub-commentaries on the Tipitaka, the Three Baskets of Buddha’s teachings in Pali language.

Sandamuni Pagoda Map

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