Shwe Kyina Paya Bhamo

The Shwe Kyina Paya Temple houses valuable information about the history of golden pagodas across Burma, and continues to serve as an important spiritual pillar for Bhamo’s locals and tourists.

Located 3 miles to the north of the town, Shwe Kyina Paya is known as the golden pagoda of Bhamo. Though not as massive as the Shwezigon Pagoda in Bagan or Shwenandaw in Mandalay, Shwe Kyina still possesses its unique and magnificent architecture that attracts tourists whenever they get to Bhamo.

The Shwe Kyina Paya TempleThe Shwe Kyina Paya Temple

The Shwe Kyina Paya Temple


Coming to this historical site, visitors will be amazed at the two gold-laminated stupas on top of the pagoda. This way of construction also marks the site of the 5th-century Shan city of Sampanago (old Bhamo). Have a walk around the pagoda helps tourists discover and get to know the little trace left from this old city. The other section of the pagoda is also worth exploring.

Coming here at dusk, tourists will have a chance to watch the beautiful sun setting behind the far away mountains. It is enchanting to capture the magnificent pagoda, the romantic sunset and the majestic mountains, all in one scenic picture.

The Shwe Kyina Paya Temple

The Shwe Kyina Paya Temple


Like other cities in Myanmar, Bhamo undergoes three distinct seasons. The best time to visit Bhamo is from November to mid March, in order to explore this town at its most pleasant weather. Tourists can get to Bhamo by flights from Yangon or Mandalay. At hotels, visitors can take local tour to get around the town or visit the Shwe Kyina Paya easier.

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