Si Phan Don Laos

Located in the southern of Laos, Si Phan Don archipelago is beautiful as a picture. Visiting Si Phan Don will give you many interesting experience with the rare dolphins – Irrawaddy.

Si Phan Don (4000 Island)Si Phan DonSi Phan DonSi Phan DonSi Phan DonSi Phan DonSi Phan DonChildren Returning From School, Si Phan Don.Beautiful Rapids In Si Phan DonSi Phan DonSi Phan Don

Si Phan Don is very charming with the peaceful and untouched landscape. This area not only has a beautiful scenery but also attracts many tourists due to the unique location. Si Phan Don is in a section of Mekong River, which is 14km long in Parkse, Champasak province with 4,000 islands. It is a best place for someone who like to be alone with the nature and explore their limits because it has almost no convenient and luxurious service. There are only some homestays in the riverside and small restaurants.

Si Phan Don

Si Phan Don

Among 4,000 islands in Si Phan Don, Don Khone and Don Det islands are the largest ones and attract a lot of tourists because of many accommodation and restaurants. The image of buffaloes grazing the grass and fishing boats floating on the river is look like Vietnam villages. Coming to this area, you will have a chance to enjoy the nature and many adventure activities. Almost homestays here are made of wood, placed in riverside and only have a bed inside the room. It is totally an unforgettable experience to many tourists who want to try living a quiet life. Thus, the accommodation price in this area is quite cheap, about US $1.5 - $9/ night. The main transportation in Si Phan Don is small boat, 1m wide and 4m long. Sitting on this boat in some section have fast water flow which made many tourists pale.

Or you can also ride a bike to explore the peaceful island. You will have time to enjoy a complete countryside and quiet atmosphere when crossing through the green fields and feeling the wind blowing.

Beautiful Rapids In Si Phan Don

Beautiful Rapids In Si Phan Don

Khon Pa Soi waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Si Phan Don. It is a perfect place to have a rest and have some check in photos. But the way to reach this waterfalls is a challenge to many people. You must have enough braving to cross a rickety bridge then walking about 200 m to Khoi Pa Soi waterfalls.

Si Phan Don island is famous for being the habitat of Irawaddy dolphins. Many tourists come to this island to watch this rare animal so you should not traveling to Si Phan Don without seeing the dolphins here. In 2004, this kind of dolphin was included in the list of highly endangered animals and there is only 20 of them are remained. Therefore, it is not always possible to see Irrawaddy dolphins when visiting Don Khone island. If you have enough lucky, you will have opportunity to admire this lovely animals.

Si Phan Don with the unique scenery will bring tourists to a wild and peaceful area. Here, you are never bothered by the noise of urban areas, only simple life with nature is never boring!

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