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Silk Weaving Factory Da Lat

Each year, Cuong's silk weaving factory has been visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. Mr. Cuong, the owner, said that the fatory attracts more than 30,000 visitors every year, mostly foreigners.

The silk weaving factory in Dalat is an interesting place to visit, to see the entire process, from cocoon to fabric. This is the only silk factory in the country that maintains the old method of removing silks from the cocoons. The cocoons are soaked in hot water, and the delicate thread is wound onto a machine that unravels the cocoon. The thread is then wound onto a reel, which is used on a large loom, to weave it into delicately patterned fabric.

Silk weaving factory in Dalat

Silk weaving factory in Dalat

The factory can be visited on a tour. It is around 25 km from Dalat, and can easily be combined with the Elephant Falls and Linh An Pagoda.

Silk Weaving Factory Map

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I want to sell u all type of silk fabrics oblum sheet raw silk raw cocoon
@Fahadshah: Hi Fahadshat, We do not sell silk fabrics. However, if you take the tour to Silk village, we can bring you to the best places to buy it
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