Tan Chau

Tan Chau is located in An Giang Province. Tan Chau Town is famous for high-quality silk, which is made from natural materials with high techniques. Visit here, you can enjoy the traditional handicraft and experience the making process of the special silk.

Interesting history of Tan Chau

Tan Chau used to be a village and now is a small town in Chau Doc, nestled on the bank of Tien River. A hundred years ago, Tan Chau was famous for silk weaving, especially the unique silk named "My A". My A silk is made with the best materials and sophisticated process; hence its color never fades and always be shining.

Tan Chau

Tan Chau Town

After 1975, the silk trading business in Tan Chau went down because the village could not face the price competition when polyester and Chinese silk were very cheap. Fortunately, one day a group of European traveled to Tan Chau and was surprised by the amazing beauty of Tan Chau silk. Therefore, because of receiving many orders exporting silk to Europe's market, and the quality requirement of clients became higher, silk making in Tan Chau started growing up until now.

Tan Chau silk

It can be said that clothes made from Tan Chau silk always help customer comfort, and cool in summer, warm in winter. It takes many difficult stages to produce Tan Chau silk, but the most unique stage is dyeing. The dye is made from natural material is "mac nua" fruit with secret receipt. Therefore, although the clothes are old, its fabric color does not fade.

Tan Chau Silk

Tan Chau Silk

Tan Chau silk is made from natural silk and adorned by sophisticated traditional patterns. Vietnamese people, especially professional fashion designers are always proud of Tan Chau silk because it is the high-quality silk and contributes to highlighting the beauty of "Ao Dai", Vietnamese traditional clothes.

Tan Chau Map

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