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Tha Om Garden Hue

Tha Om Garden does not only offer great food but also (and more importantly) excellent experience.

Discovering one of the most ancient city in Vietnam Hue, travelers definitely cannot miss the chance to rub shoulders with royalty through a visit to the delightful Tha Om Garden House.

Tha om Garden House

Tha Om Garden House

With the charm spot by lotus ponds and pavilions, the garden provides visitors with most authentic, peaceful and historic journey. Coming to Tha Om means spending time in a fully working and functioning replica of a 19th century Hue residence.  The owner of the place is also your host, who lives in the house and would tell you about the house’s story. Through wars, recovered and even rebuilt, they still manage to keep the house at its authentic ancient style.

Even people who travel a lot have no idea where the name “Tha Om” came from so that it cannot be translated into English. There are rumors about this house being constructed during Nguyen Dynasty. The present owner of the house and his wife bought it very cheap and repaired the roof, built a wooden gate and grew a garden as he was a construction worker. He was thorough enough about every detail, he talked with passionate about materials used to fix the roof and why the roof slope had to be straight, carved big house poles, proportion of each detail… To reduce the summer heat, he chose wood as the main material to repair the house. He even built a small lotus pond with a hut in the middle.

While enjoying your presence at the special restaurant, you may find their menu written on a fan in beautifully calligraphy. With the host’s enthusiasm and warmth, you will feel welcomed to enjoy the beautifully presented food, including some Hue’s specialties. The host offers plenty of dishes from pumpkin soup to grilled beef cooked by his wife, waiting for your appetite after a wandering day around historical and cultural attractions.

 Enjoy meals in Garden

Enjoy meals in Garden

The experience in Tha Om Garden is definitely worth your time, as it is recommended as a must-visit spot during your journey in Hue. There are many one-day tour around Hue that includes Tha Om Garden House lunch in the agenda. You can book your slot through agents in Hue Center. If you’d prefer self guide, get yourself on a taxi or rent a bike/ private car, follow your Google maps and enjoy the special experience at your most convenience.

Tha Om Garden Map

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