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Thu Le Temple Hue

Thu Le ancient village is located in Quang Phuoc commune, Quang Dien District in Hue city. In spite of just being a small agricultural village, Thu Le has still preserved many traditional cultures, solemn rites and ancient temples with old architecture of the old capital Hue.

Ancient constructions: 

In the village's name, "Thu" means "keep" (or preserve); and "Le" means "rites" (or politeness). This name reminds villagers that it is very important to maintain the traditional rites and good disciplines.

Thu Le Temple

Thu Le Temple

Learn from that, people here still preserve not only rites but also ancient architectures. There is Ngu Hanh temple that is built to worship Princess Huyen Tran in Tran Dynasty. Tourists also can visit Van Thanh temple, which is dedicated to worship Khong Tu. Located 400m from Thu Le pagoda, there are many ancient houses that were built based on ancient decorations with priceless antiquities made in the Nguyen Dynasty

Traditional rites:

In Thu Le village, there are more than 14 families whose generations have lived in this village until now; eight large families among them such as: Le, Nguyen, Ho Dang, Phan Gia, Phan Ngoc, Phan Nhu, Ngo Van and Ngo Thoi. The custom between those large families is each family will be responsible for organizing and set up worshipping rites in each year. For example, the festival hold each year is wrestling festival, in which local men have chance to express their strength, and villagers can enjoy many social activities.

Festival in Thu Le Temple

Festival in Thu Le Temple

Moreover, people set up boat- racing festival on 7th January in Lunar calendar. Therefore tourists will feel deeply colorful traditional festival and enjoy some small games here.

Thu Le Temple Map

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