Top 6 things are Banned to Bring along to Myanmar

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For those who come to Myanmar for the first time, you may be worried and confused with immigration procedures at the airport. Moreover, Myanmar check luggage carried by travelers very strict to ensure the security of their airports and country. If you wondering about the top 6 things are Banned to Bring along to Myanmar, you can refer to the sharing below.

1. Food

  • Live animals, including insects and animal-related products such as organs, nails, tendons, clogs, feathers, skins, blood, horns, etc.
  • Meat in all form (fresh, pre-processed, dry, cooked, canned, etc.)
  • Egg and milk products in all forms are not allowed to be brought into Myanmar. Except for infant milk products from countries where there is no outbreak of foot and mouth disease in animals.
  • All kinds of animal food.
  • Fresh fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Dried fruits are allowed to be brought along to Myanmar but must have clear labels, expiry dates, and origin.

Meat is banned to bring to Myanmar

Meat is banned to bring to Myanmar


2. Electronic device

Each tourist is allowed to bring a camcorder, phone, laptop, camera, etc. with a number not exceeding 02 for each device. However, for electronic devices using lithium batteries, it is necessary to disassemble the battery and pack it properly according to regulations to avoid cases of fire. Tourists must notice that devices using lithium batteries with a capacity >160Wh or containing >8h lithium are not allowed to be carried on board, even in checked luggage.

3. Cash and jewelry

  • The amount of cash carried without the customs declaration is under $US 2,000 and a maximum of $US 10,000 but required to declare. If you bring foreign currency, the amount of foreign currency you bring when leaving Myanmar must not exceed the amount you brought when entry.
  • The total value of gold, silver, diamonds, etc. does not exceed $US 5,000. If the value is exceeded, you must have a permit of a competent authority

What is banned to bring along to Myanmar cash and jewelry

Must have a permit of a competent authority when bringing jewelry over the allowed value

3. Drug and pharmaceuticals

  • Myanmar strictly prohibits the illegal possession, transport, and entry of drugs and addictive substances. If found, you will be sentenced to very heavy sentences according to the law of this country (imprisoned, deported, or refused to enter permanently).
  • Drugs containing addictive substances, psychotropic drugs, or affecting human functions are prohibited from being brought into Myanmar. In case tourists bring medicine for treatment, it is compulsory to have a prescription or accompanying supporting documents and a certificate of the doctor as well as the name of the prescriber and user.

4. Tobacco, alcohol

Alcohol is allowed but in limited amount What is banned to bring along to Myanmar

Alcohol is allowed but in a limited amount

Each tourist is allowed to bring a maximum of 200 cigarettes and 1 liter of wine when entering Myanmar. If carrying over this prescribed number will be confiscated and may be subject to administrative sanctions.

5. Weapons, explosives, and toxic substances

Like many other countries in the world, Myanmar also bans to bring Weapons, explosives, and toxic substances into the territory of this country in any forms such as:

  • All types of guns, structural parts of the gun, including toy guns, slingshots, etc.
  • Dagger, hammer, ax, dart, sword
  • Bullets, grenades, explosives, gunpowder, fireworks, flares
  • Chlorine, mercury, detergent, oxidants, toxic contaminants, materials containing radioactive substances, etc.

6. Other items

  • Photos and products have pornographic or depraved contents
  • Document with distorting or anti-Myanmar content
  • National confidential documents

Having a clear knowledge about the rules of “What is banned to bring along to Myanmar” is essential for first-time tourists. This will help you better prepare your luggage to avoid problems when carrying out entry procedures into Myanmar.

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