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Tranh Beach Nha Trang

Tranh beach is located on Hon Mieu Island in Nha Trang Bay, with a coastline of 500m, surrounded by a majestic wild mountain. It is one of the highlights in Nha Trang Bay with nature and friendly people which makes Tranh beach become an interesting destination with unique and attractive activities.

tranh beach

Tranh beach

Tranh beach is located on Tri Nguyen island of Nha Trang Bay. Coming to Tranh beach, tourists can enjoy the comfort and convenience feeling when walking on the coast or on the mountains that make you feel like being lost in a pristine space in the Vietnamese style of the coastal region.
The surrounding islands block the wind flowing into the beach, making the water surface here always quiet and gentle. In addition, Tranh is a shallow beach, the seafloor here gradually is not as steep as most other seas. About 100 meters away from the shore, the water level is also less than 1m high, reaching the chest of an adult, very safe for children, and those who do not know how to swim.
Coming to Tranh beach, you will feel comfortable with the staff from the locals of Tri Nguyen, with the spirit of dedicated and attentive service to help you be closer to the workers in this coastal city and play many exciting games on the beach. You can fully participate in many activities on the beach, such as visiting the coral reefs by glass-bottomed boats, jet skiing, or exploring coral reefs under the ocean through the exciting diving service.

Watching Coral Reefs In Tranh BeachWatching Coral Reefs In Tranh Beach

From Nha Trang city, you can go to Cau Da port to rent canoes and boats to Tranh or you can book a tour from a travel agency. At Cau Da port there are many boats and canoes lenders taking you to Hon Mieu Island with the price of $10 USD / person or renting a high-speed canoe with the price from $40 USD to $60 USD depending on the number of seats.

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