Truc Lam Pagoda Vietnam

Truc Lam pagoda is a Vietnamese Buddhist Pagodas located just outside of Da Lat. It is one of the most famous Vietnamese Pagoda and is a huge tourist attraction as well as attracting many Buddhist visitors.The pagoda is not only the place for meditation but also an ideal place for visiting.
Truc Lam pagodaTruc Lam pagodaTruc Lam pagodaTruc Lam pagodaTruc Lam pagodaTruc Lam pagodaTruc Lam Pagoda
The Inner Institute is subdivided into two separate structures: a monastery and a nunnery. There are two dwelling-houses, a meditation hall, a refectory, a kitchen and a storehouse each. This restricted area, which is not fully open to guests, is now the residence for 50 monks and 50 nuns who devote themselves to the practice of Buddhist meditation (dhyana) or mental cultivation.

The Outer Institute is situated on a large and even lot at the height of 1,300 metres above the sea level facing the extending Benhuit Range and the wide green Lake Tuyen Lam. Here are a number of buildings typical of the Truc Lam Institute designed by the Architects Ngo Viet Thu and Nguyen Tin, and later performed by the Venerable Manager Thich Thong tang together with countless monks, nuns and lay Buddhists. The inauguration ceremony was celebrated on 19 March, 1994.

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