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Valley of Love

The Valley of Love has long been a place for not only couples coming here on a date but also people who want to escape from stressful working hours. It is located in the flower kingdom Dalat, with distinct charms and peaceful atmosphere.

The history of the Valley of Love Dalat

The Valley of Love (or Thung Lung Tinh Yeu in Vietnamese) is a picturesque valley of rolling hills with a lake in the middle, serving as a romantic getaway for locals and tourists. Just as true love has to surpass several obstacles, the Valley of Love in Dalat had to surpass many challenges in the past in order to gain its rightful name today. French named it Vallée D’amour (The Valley of Love) in 1930, because of its tranquil setting and scenery. The name was changed to The Valley of Peace under the reign of King Bao Dai and finally came back to its original name in 1953.

The Valley of Love

The Valley of Love

What to see and things to do in Dalat's Valley of Love

The overall theme of the valley includes 2 main parts: love and peace. On entering The Valley of Love, tourists can see a large golden statue of a pair of hands exchanging rings. There are also other statues with distinct expressions found around the 242-hectare valley. Couples coming here can take photos in front of the curved hearts or walk to Da Thien Lake and hire a swan canoe, try horse riding, or watch the locals taking photos of themselves on mushroom shaped benches.

The scenic green hills surrounding the lake are covered in gorgeous pine forests. Colourful flower beds and gardens line the walking paths that lead around the lake and through the forest up to Vong Canh Hill, from which there’s a beautiful lookout where you can view the valley from above. The track continues to Paradise Hill, which is surrounded by other picturesque lakes.

Tulip Garden

Tulip Garden

Location, opening hours and prices

About 5km from the center of Da Lat city, Valley of Love is located at 7 Mai Anh Dao, Ward 8, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province. This is a poetic tourist area that always attracts all visitors from anywhere in the world to visit.

Entrance ticket: 11 USD (250.000 VND)

Opening hours: 8:30AM - 5PM


How to get there

The Valley of Love sits around 5 km northeast of the city centre and encompasses Da Thien Lake. Gentle hills dotted with photo opportunities follow a path that leads down to the lake’s edge, lined with souvenir stalls. For this short distance, you can definitely catch a taxi or motorbike taxi from the city center to the Valley of Love easily with the price range around 2-3.5 USD. 

Take a look at the map below to determine the directions and distance to get to The Valley of Love from your location.

Valley of love is a good, peaceful place to visit in Dalat. And especially travelers who are going to Dalat with your lovers, just spend some time in this lovely place and have a memorial time in Dalat.

Hue Pham

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Valley of Love Map

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