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Vin Wonder Nha Trang- Surely those who have never gone or have not studied carefully will wonder what is that? What's good to eat? What's playing? How to go is delicious - nutritious - cheap. With the experiences below, I will share some parts to help you visualize and have the best trip.

Here is the experience to ensure that you have a good time with the maximum cost savings.

An introduction about Vin Wonder Nha Trang

Vin Wonders Nha Trang is one of the luxury resorts established by VINPEARL Joint Stock Company in 2001. This site is located on Hon Tre Island and is supposed to be a tourist area that you must visit when traveling to the coastal city.

What is the closest and most convenient way to get to Vin Wonder? Vin Wonders is quite far from the mainland, so the most convenient way is by cable across the sea to save time and see the sea from above.

Here comes the list of ticket prices:

  Ticket price for entertainment & cable car round trip Ticket price for entertainment & cable car return

Ticket price for fun & 2-way cable car after 5 pm

Adults 880,000 VND 800,000 VND 450,000 VND
Children 700,000 VND 650,000 VND 350,000 VND

Things to do in Vin Wonder Nha Trang

Vin Wonders is a brand chain after the restructuring of VinGroup. This brand name is used for amusement parks in many different locations. Each park will be built according to a specific theme and is responsible for expanding its ecosystem. If you have access to Nha Trang, please come to the park of the faraway island and enjoy these places below:

The Water Park

It is the first freshwater park in Vietnam, owning an artificial mountain system and many unique and attractive water games. There is a swimming area for families and children in the park, slides, and many adventure games for those engrossed in thrills such as cosmic black holes or free fall. In addition, kids can have fun at the lazy river or sunbathe at the beach.

If the games in the Water Park still don't satisfy you, you can choose to play other adventure games on the beach such as jet skis, kayaks, sailboats, parachutes, etc. However, if you join, it will be charged separately at the cost of each game.

Splash Bay can accommodate about 750 people playing at the same time. Adventure sea games include action towers, basins, slides, balance bridges, giant inflatable balls, swings, cliff climbing.

The most suitable time for you to have fun at the water park is from 3 pm to 4 pm. Right at the beginning, when entering the water park gate, is the bathroom changing room. You change your bathing clothes here, again, only wearing T-shirts and bikinis can play games at the water park because if you wear clothes with buttons when playing, you can scratch yourself or others around.

The Amusement Park

Thrilling entertainments such as cable-stayed swing, elephant swing, pirate ship, roller coaster, and rotating cup are waiting for you to be conquered! Don't miss the Alpine Coaster- the zip line with the biggest slope between two stations in Southeast Asia to enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful coastal city.

It would be best to try the Wheel Of The Sun once; it will be extremely regrettable. You can go to the sun wheel during the day or evening, but if you go in the evening, you will be able to see Nha Trang at night sinking in infinite lights!

Another choice is the bungee. With a solidly connected system of pillars, cables, and seat belts, the game helps you complete the skillful jumps, swings, and turns, not inferior to professional acrobats.

Sky Drop free-fall tower will bring suffocating and adventurous feelings. From the ground, the machine will push you to the top of the tower with a height of over 20m. At this highest position, if you are brave enough, open your eyes to admire the panoramic view of the dreamy blue sea before experiencing the feeling of complete free fall.


Not only an interesting place to visit, but the Aquarium is also a place for people to learn and expand their understanding of the ocean world. Especially for young guests, the Aquarium is an ideal place to entertain and develop their creative aspect.

The Aquarium is considered a miniature ocean in a massive space, with 300 rare sea creatures. As the tunnel is designed with an escalator, you can see each school of fish swimming around with your own eyes. Thus, the feeling of being immersed in the ocean is obvious.

The Aquarium is conserving 300 rare sea creatures and is divided into different areas:

  • North Asian climate zone marine life
  • Marine biota in the climate of South Asia
  • Amazon climate zone marine life and Marine biota in coastal climates

Visitors can freely explore all categories of fish originating from worldwide lands, such as walrus, rocket crocodile, or colorful discus fish. The combination of the raw climbing plant texture creates a highly- recommended space for the nature lover.

In addition, do not miss the unique art performances such as the show The Little Mermaid! The dancers like stepping out of a fairy tale will shake you off! And another thing is called Eat fish with divers taking care of the residents in the Aquarium.

The reptile area is also diverse, even though the Aquarium is mainly for marine species. You will directly see creatures such as lizards, water turtles, golden turtles, golden pythons, and many tropical insects such as spiders, centipedes.

Game Center

It is a convergence of interesting and new video games such as horse racing, hammering, motorcycle racing, shooting, and audition dance. The indoor game supermarket will bring you moments of relaxation and comfort with family and friends. There is also a children's play area in this play area, a fairy garden for the children to enjoy.

This site is designed to shape a magnificent fairy tale castle located in the Square of Myths. Visitors will explore the virtual world with hundreds of extremely modern video games, which are the top children's attractions. A series of creative and dynamic games such as interactive dance will bring new experiences and dynamic space for anyone seeking something new!

If you have kids, welcome to an entertainment area specializing in children- Fortress of sweets. Entering the fortress is like stepping into a world of sweets with colorful incarnations of fairy-tale characters. Thus a child's dream seems to come true when blending into a new and colorful space. Moreover, parents can relax and rest assured that their children can freely play.

In addition to the entertainment area, there is also a convergence of stalls and shopping streets for souvenirs. Traditional clothes, silk, fine art items, souvenirs in unique designs are arranged throughout the stalls and create favorable conditions for tourists who have just stayed.

Coming to the Secret Village is a chance for you to transform into a warrior again to overcome the challenges of the Viking tribe. You can also enjoy the typical dance shows of the tribe.

Dancing Fountain

Water music is a special type of fountain programmed to spray water according to music, combined with the lighting effects of acoustic lights to create a unique water dance performance. It can be said that the musical fountain is the perfect blend of water, sound, light and gives the viewer the most realistic feeling both in terms of hearing and sight.

The image of water jets dancing to the music combined with shimmering light will bring you a new level of emotions. With highly qualified technology, the resort has launched artistic water music products. Vin Wonders Nha Trang has the most modern and beautiful water music stage in Vietnam, often where famous beauty contests occur. Water music performance starts from 19:00 to 20:00 and lasts for 25 minutes. Besides, extremely diverse water spray effects will be combined with music according to customers' preferences to enrich the value of water music.

Tips For The Best Experience In Vin Wonder Nha Trang

  • If you want to play at the Water Park, you should prepare clothes and towels. If you do not bring a bathing suit, you can rent one at the park gate.
  • You should only bring a water bottle with you and should not bring food because it will make your backpack bulky. At Vin Wonder, many cafeterias are serving various dishes.
  • It would help if you bought the service combo with the entrance ticket to save more costs.
  • It is recommended to wear light and convenient clothes, maybe swimwear because there are water parks and adventure games.
  • Please leave your belongings at the storage counter if necessary.

Above is the sharing about the experience of traveling to Vin Wonders for a full, complete, and money-saving day. Hope this article can provide you with the necessary information for a more interesting trip. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Wishing you the most enjoyable travel!

Minh Anh

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