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Wat Luang Temple is one of the most ancient and splendid among 20 wats in the center of Pakse. Wat Luang temple is increasingly famous for its worship and significance to the Buddhism of Laos. Dating back to the year of 1935, Wat Luang initially was built to serve as a Buddhist school teaching numerous courses in English, business and cultural studies for monks.

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Despite lasting for years, Wat Luang Temple is so tidy and clean that visitors completely addict to the salubrious air and restful space. Many visitors are amazed by the exquisite tradition Lao style through elaborated architecture of tiled roof, concrete pillars and wooden doors.

Also there is a huge selection of amazing murals of beautifully contemporary wall art demonstrating the life story of Buddha and other myths.

The main entrance of Wat Luang Temple

The main entrance of Wat Luang Temple


In the congregation hall, a large golden Buddha image is presented in the “Calling the Earth to Witness” mudra. According to the locals, Buddha has left his footprint on the temple grounds, which attracts devotees all over the world. Wandering around the temple campus, visitors shouldn’t miss to contemplate a collection of treasured artifacts and incredible finds from the area.

The temple houses numerous funerary shrines containing the ashes of the Lao royal family and the former prime minister dating back pre-revolutionary times.

 The congregation hall in Wat Luang

 The congregation hall in Wat Luang


Behind the temple lies the Xe Don River where visitors can cruise along the edge to behold local daily life. It is perfect for bibliophiles to indulge themselves in Buddhist books in library and feast their eyes on spectacular views over the river.

If you visit Wat Luang in early morning or late afternoon, never miss the serenity of stunningly beautiful sunrise or sunsets. Besides, another striking experience is lovely conversation with kindly monks to gain profound understanding of Buddhism and Laotians’ lifestyle.

The campus at Wat Luang complex

The campus at Wat Luang complex

Wat Luang Temple is free access daily from 6am to 6pm and average visiting time is roundly 1.5 hours.

Visitors can explore the town on foot and it’s just a short walk from the central to the temple. Alternatively, it’s possible to take a tuk tuk, samlor or private taxi to get around the downtown Pakse.

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