Wat Sen

Rich ruby red walls with intricate gold overlay gives Wat Sensoukaram one of the most dazzling facades of all of Luang Prabang's temples.

Wat Sensoukaram (Wat Sen) was built in 1714, otherwise known as the Temple of the Patriarch. This temple is located right on the main road in all its conspicuous glory with gold stencilling applied directly to the outer walls. It remains an active temple and is known for its large standing Buddha image draped with a saffron robe. The image’s shelter, main sim and bell tower are beautifully stencilled with red and gold images of mythical animals and incarnations of the Buddha.

Its facade and doors are heavily gilded and every inch of space on its walls, columns and even under its roof is covered with stenciled patterns. The secondary structures in the complex, like the drum tower and subsidiary shrines are just as beautifully embellished.

Wat Sen Map

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