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5+ Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Nha Trang

July 22, 2021 - 1057 views

Nha Trang is also known for many of the most beautiful and pristine waterfalls on the South Central Coast. Don't know where to go? Please read the text below! There is enough information for you about the 5+ Most Beautiful Waterfalls.

1. Ba Ho Waterfall and Stream

It seems to be a hard trip for you to discover nature!

Many tourists love the first lake because of its natural beauty. Along the way, you can see the craggy cliffs, the clear blue lake, and the endless wind music. Visitors seem to be blended with the mountains and forests and forget even fatigue when conquering the first lake.

To conquer the second large lake, visitors will have to climb over large and small rocks, cliffs, and follow the slope for about 5 minutes. This stretch of road is quite small, just enough for one person to go, but that does not stop the footsteps of many tourists who like to follow trekking. Although the journey to visit the Ba Ho waterfall wastes a lot of energy, it will save you memorable times.

Ba Ho Waterfall & stream

Ba Ho Waterfall & stream


2. Suoi Do Waterfall

Suoi Do is poetic with misty scenery and is also a place not to be missed for tourists who love photography. The landscape here is attractive with streams, waterfalls, and green mountains.

The road to the Stream is more than a hundred craggy cement steps. On the left is a vast forest of trees, tinkling the sound of cicadas, and on the other side, the Stream gurgles through the rocky crevices, sometimes hidden among the dense old trees. The murmuring Stream mixed with forest birds chirping is a peaceful symphony that makes the soul flutter.

On the shore of the lake, in addition to the rocks that built up the wall, lying in heaps, there was also a large and flat granite rock like a reflection. Around the lake, vines and wild plants are crowded, green, and dense.

Suoi Do Waterfall

Suoi Do Waterfall


3. Yang Bay Waterfall

When you have just arrived at Yang Bay waterfall, you will see a waterfall in the scene like in heaven.  All will bring you a pleasant feeling and unforgettable comfort.

Yang Bay attracts visitors by the wild beauty of the vast mountains of grass, trees and waterfalls, and the airy atmosphere. Yang Bay has become an eco-tourism area with many types of unique tourism products from an isolated land. At Yang Bay, let's try crocodile fishing. Nothing is thrilling more than baiting the long-snouted mammal. Visitors can also immerse themselves in very special music emanating from the lute and enjoy traditional music at the ethnic instrument display area.

Yang Bay Waterfall

Yang Bay Waterfall


4. Ta Gu Waterfall

The wild and majestic beauty of Ta Gu Waterfall is like a delicate gift that nature has bestowed on this land. The gentle blue lake water below embraces the green grass, forms a charming painting, making many tourists admire it.

Visitors will have to jump over large and small rocks across the Stream. When you reach the other side, You should go along the Stream, cling to the cliff, slide down to the bottom, and then have to jump from rock to rock to get closer to the waterfall.

This place is still quite wild, so there are almost no shops, eateries, or motels to stay in. You will have to prepare everything yourself for your trip. If you want to have a more meaningful trip, you can go to the local village to experience the life of the ethnic people. One note is to wrap your belongings carefully because they are easy to get wet during the journey to explore the waterfall.

Ta Gu Waterfall

Ta Gu Waterfall


5. Bau Waterfall and Mau Stream

For many people, especially young people who are passionate about travel, the attraction of Bau waterfall and Mau Stream is its wild beauty but equally hard work along the way.

The road to the landmark is quite difficult; you have to cross the fields of cassava and steep slopes. When you can listen to the sound of the waterfall flowing in harmony with the musical rhythm of the trunks of the giant umbrella trees, you reach the destination, buddies!

The flow of the Bau waterfall never ends, even in the dry season. The trees on both sides of the waterfall are still very wild, except for areas that have been exploited for cultivation. Between the cascades are lakes with different depths surrounded by vertical cliffs. There are many gaps along the two sides of the waterfall with a fairly large ground area, enough for groups to have a picnic.

Bau Waterfall & Mau Stream

Bau Waterfall & Mau Stream


6. Da Giang Stream

The road to the Stream is quite convenient as visitors can come here by motorbike or bus. In addition to enjoying the fresh air, visitors relax on large rocks or under the shade of trees along the banks. Don't miss the chance to soak bare feet in the cool Stream!

Around the Stream are caves called fairy areas. The endless green of the forest surrounds this land. The sun shining through the leaves reflects a very vivid color. The flow splits into small branches, weaving through rocky crevices and green primeval forest canopy, creating a strangely beautiful landscape picture. The two banks luxuriate with wild plants such as areca, bamboo, volutes, and palm. Along with the fresh air, nature still retains its wild and pure features.

Da Giang Stream

Da Giang Stream


7. Orchid Stream (Nha Phu Island)

The first thing that every visitor feels when coming to this place is being immersed in nature with the fresh air of mountains and waterfalls. A Stream is a place with extremely beautiful natural scenery and a place to keep traces of the Cham people from ancient times. Nowadays, the Stream has been exploited into a tourism area. Once coming here, visitors can find many services such as the orchid garden, animal circus performance, and shoot paint guns.

Orchid Stream

Orchid Stream

Nha Trang city is famous for many masterpieces of nature, diverse tourism activities, and rich cuisine. Therefore, 5+ Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Nha Trang are fine options to pick up and have a real fantasy! If you want to book the Nha Trang tours to visit the waterfall, let's sign up with us now.

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