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Xeo Quyt

Located about 30km from the center of Cao Lanh city, Dong Thap province, Xeo Quyt ecological area will give tourists the feeling of getting lost in the primeval forest with wild natural scenery. This promises to be a very suitable place for you to relax in western style.

Xeo Quyt is a Revolutionary Center (from 1960-1975) of Dong Thap Provincial Party Committee leading the locals in the Vietnam War. Throughout the war, Xeo Quyt had to suffer many bombs and bullets from the enemy. But with the national spirit, courage, and skill, the Vietnamese army and locals of Dong Thap turned the situation, overcame difficulties, and brought victory to the homeland and Vietnam.

Xeo Quyt Historical Relic

Xeo Quyt Historical Relic

Going deep into Xeo Quyt, tourists will come across the image of an old battlefield with A-bomb shelters, Z-fortifications or L-shaped underground tunnels, etc. along with tents, kitchens, meeting rooms, or “death camps” that had previously installed anti-aircraft grenades and infantry tanks on the center.
Xeo Quyt with an area of about 50 ha, including 20 ha of primary Melaleuca forest, belongs to 2 communes My Hiep and My Long, Cao Lanh district, Dong Thap province. The flora has 170 species with 158 wild species and 12 woody plant species adapted to flooding. Many Melaleuca trees here are over 30 years old, covered by a thick vine layer, rising to the deep blue sky.

Melaleuca Forest xeo quyt

Melaleuca Forest

The fauna includes 200 wild species including 7 species of frogs, 22 species of reptiles, 73 species of fish, 91 species of birds, and 7 species of mammals. Especially, there are 13 rare and precious animal species recorded in the Vietnam Red Book: landmark pythons, buffalo cobra, box turtles, broad-eyed lemongrass, etc.
Visiting Xeo Quyt in the dry season, you will walk along zigzag trails of more than 1.5km under the Melaleuca trees to go deep into the Xeo Quyt Revolutionary Center. In the flooding season, on the small boat, the boatmen will take tourists through many small canals to enter the hidden places in the vast Melaleuca forest.

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