All You Need to Know About Public Transport in Thailand

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Thailand has various different types of transportation such as taxi, tuk-tuk, motorbike, or bus. In this article, we will learn more about them, then you can find out what is the best choice for your journey to Thailand.

Thailand’s public transport is so diverse which can make you get confused when first coming to visit. However, once you understand the whole network, travelling in Thailand is just a piece of cake. Now, let’s have a look at the article below and see how amazing they are!

1. Songthaews and Buses

In big cities like Ubon Ratchathani, Nakhon Ratchasima, and Bangkok, there is a network of buses that operates both inside the city and outside in the suburbs. The bus often runs from dawn till dusk and in Bangkok, you can even catch a bus 24/7. Fares and routes vary with different types of buses but in general, the fares range from 7 to 24 THB. You should find the bus station and wait for the bus with the right number to get on. Then, if you want to get off, just press a buzzer on the bus to inform the driver. Or else, you will be delivered to somewhere you don’t know.
In medium-sized towns, the main vehicle that is widely used by locals and foreigners is songthaews. Songthaews have fixed routes and fares but normally, the timetable often changes and they will go until they have full passengers. In some certain towns such as Chiang Mai, songthaews will pick up a group of passengers who tend to go to the same destination, and then, they will drop them off at their wanted places. The fares for a songthaews drive are between 10 and 20 THB and you should give it to the driver once leaving the songthaew. If you want to hail a songthaew, don’t forget to flag it down, and when you want to get off, press the buzzer on the ceiling.

public transportation in Thailand bus

Bus in Thailand street

2. Metered taxis

This is one of the most affordable and comfortable ways to go around cities in Thailand. Thai taxis always have bright colors like green, pink, and yellow. The bigger the city is, the more cars it may have.
Whenever going by taxi, you should make sure the meter is on so you can know how much money you have to pay. This will also prevent the taxi driver from overcharging you. So in case, you meet a taxi driver and he refuses to put the meter on, just leave and choose another one.
In small cities as well as on the islands, there will be no taxis including a meter, so you can calculate the money based on the set fares. If you go to the suburbs, you can bargain the fare a little bit. And of course, the road tolls will be on you.

public transportation in Thailand taxi

Metter taxi

3. Tuk-tuks

Tuk-tuk is one of the most interesting means of transportation in the network of Thailand public transport. It is widely used by not only by foreigners but also locals to go from a place to another. Once arriving in Thailand, you will see this 3-wheeled vehicle in every corner of Thai cities. It is not as dangerous as it looks but a fun experience instead.
The fare for a tuk-tuk ride starts at 60 THB or more for a medium-length one regardless of the number of commuters. So as to avoid overcharging, you should agree with the driver about the fare before setting off. Don’t be easy on them because you may not know whether you are tricked or not.

Tuk tuk public transportation in Thailand

Tuk-tuk is one of the most interesting means of transportation in the network of Thailand public transport

4. Light rail systems

If you are visiting Bangkok, Thailand, you will not have to worry about transportation as there are 3 types of rapid transit system including the Airport Rail Link, the underground MRT, and BTS Skytrain. The two letters are connected with entertainment hubs, shopping malls as well as business spots.

public transportation in Thailand Bangkok Skytrain (BTS)

There are 3 types of rapid transit system including the Airport Rail Link, the underground MRT, and BTS Skytrain in Bangkok, Thailand

5. Water transport

Water transport is no longer a kind of transportation on the islands in Thailand but also in big cities like Bangkok. Nowadays, you will see several water buses taking people around Bangkok every day. Khlong Saen Saep services carry passengers on 2 Bangkok’s canals while Chao Phraya Express services serve people along the Chao Phraya river.

Water transport public transportation in Thailand

Chao Phraya Express @

To sum up, public transportation in Thailand is super convenient. With a huge number of public vehicles for passengers to go, Thailand’s public transport will make your trip here more comfortable and interesting than ever before. What is better than traveling to a foreign country with everything easy on hand?

Jenny Tran

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