Ba Cua Beach

Bai Tu Long Bay is situated in the North of Vietnam and includes a hundred of islets and Ba Cua is one of them. Like other beaches, Ba Cua beach offers beautiful sightseeings, cool water and it becomes a common islet that tourists usually visit in Bai Tu Long Bay.
What to see
Ba Cua beach is located in a small islet in Bai Tu Long Bay. Visit here, firstly you will be treated to the panorama view of Bai Tu Long Bay that is a wonderful natural wonder with a plenty of beautiful islands, long coast and white sandy beaches. Tourists can catch the sight of floating villages of local people, which lying surrounding some huge mountains.

Enjoy Ba Cua beach, tourists will be charmed with the fabulous scenery including clear soft sand, cool blue water, imposing mountains and a line of deckchairs surrounds the beach. It is a great time when lying on the deckchair for relaxing and immersing into unique smell and sound of ocean while tasting some fresh coconut milk.

What to do
Visit Ba Cua Beach, do not forget to swim in the cool water, sun-bathe by lying on a deckchair in the sunshine and taste sweet coconut water, etc. Besides, you have chance to take kayak to discover nearby islets such as Ba Hung islet, or take a short Bai Tu Lon eco-tourist to visit Bai Tu Long National Park. In this park, tourists will be closer to nature with exploring tropical forest, coral reef and various marine creatures.
At night, why don’t you take a barbecue on beach, enjoy some cocktail with your family or friends. After that, walking along the beach at night is a good idea.

Ba Cua Beach Map

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