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Ba Trai Dao Islet

Lan Ha Bay is famous for its variety of stunning islands, most notably Ba Trai Dao (Three Peaches) for its charming and poetic beauty. The island is also associated with the familiar name of a romantic love legend.

  • Where is it? Lan Ha Bay, near Cat Ba Island, Southeast of Halong Bay
  • Consists of 3 small islands around 23m in height, creating an image of 3 peaches floating on green water, hence the name Three Peaches.
  • Located in an airtight area with a tranquil sea - perfect for kayaking.

Ba Trai Dao Islet

The gorgeous Ba Trai Dao Area


Legend of the Islet

Besides the impressive view, Ba Trai Dao Islet’s romantic legend also charmed tourists for a stop. It is told that long ago, the youngest fairy of Heaven had a crush on a poor fisherman who daily fishes on Halong Bay. Desiring the man to be immortal and live with her forever, the fairy stole three peaches from Heaven.

However, the King of Heaven was upset finding out about the event and turn the three peaches into three islands on Halong Bay to separate the couple. From that time, the fairy and the fishermen never made it to be together.

Regardless of the sad love story, couples all over the world still row kayaks to the islet for a good time spent on the primitive beach or go swimming in the extremely clean, fresh water on Ba Trai Dao beach.

The majestic view in sunset

The islet with an interesting legend


Highlights of Ba Trai Dao Area

This is an unspoiled area, so the nature here is as beautiful as a picture. The mountains, white sandy beaches, and clear blue sea will bring you an ideal vacation. From afar, you can see the rocky mountains standing, imprinted with the fading traces of time.

Covering the mountains is a diverse and rich flora system, adorned with colorful wildflowers. Kayaking between the rocky mountains to admire the natural scenery is an interesting experience you should not miss.

Unspoiled nature

Stunning scenery

Ba Trai Dao Beach

Famous for its very clear and clean water, the beach here is not too busy with tourists, the scenery is very poetic and the sea water is clear and clean, clearly illuminating the fine white sand below. Therefore, besides beach tourism, this is also a check-in point that many visitors enjoy.

Compared to other beaches in Halong Bay, the water here is somewhat shallower, just knee-deep. On sunny days, looking through the emerald water, you can even see the bottom of the sea.

The beach is also quite airtight because it is surrounded by rocky islands, which makes it perfect for swimming in the emerald water.

Ba Trai Dao Beach

Pristine Beach in Ba Trai Dao


What to do

  • Explore the area by kayaking

One of the most interesting tourist experiences at Ba Trai Dao Beach is kayaking. With a reasonable fee, you can easily row a boat to witness the natural beauty of this place.

This is considered a healthy and amusing training experience. Besides, you can have a perfect chance to take extremely "quality" photos when sailing.

  • Enjoy a peaceful swimming experience

As an airtight swimming spot, this place will bring you a private bathing experience. Let's immerse in the gentle waves and cool water under the high sky to wash away your worries.

Relax in the Crystal clear water

Relax in the Crystal clear water


How to get to Ba Trai Dao Islet

By cruising

The most preferred option to visit the islet is by booking a cruise that includes Ba Trai Dao in the itinerary. An advantage when cruising is that you will enjoy 3-5 star services and many activities, making the trip more interesting.

Here are some vessels that travel to this attraction:

By yourself

22km away from Bai Chay tourism harbor, it takes about 10 hours by motorboat to reach the islet. As the travel time is long, it is not recommended for international tourists.

Favorite attraction for travelers

Travel by motorboat to the Islet


Travel Tips

To make the most of your experiences in Ba Trai Dao, you should take notice of the following advice from BestPrice:

  • Visitors can only swim at the beach for 2-3 hours before the high tide cover the beach completely. You should carefully check the low tide time before you come here.
  • There aren't any shops here, bring food & drink along and remember to take the trash out
  • The best time to visit Ba Trai Dao Area is from September to November for pleasant weather.
  • Put on sunscreen and wear comfortable clothes if you kayaking or swimming.
  • Don't miss the gorgeous sunrise and sunset moments on the island.


Through this guide that BestPrice provides, we hope you can find the wanted information for your trip to Ba Trai Dao Islet. Contact us through message or headline for more information.

Hoang Huan

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