Bai Tho Mountain

In the touristy Halong Bay, you still can find a place for yourself. On top of Bai Tho Mountain, you can see the panorama of this magical bay and feel like you're at top of the world.

In 1468, King Le Thanh Tong was passing the mountain on his boat trip and he decided to stop for a rest. Feeling in awe with the astounding sceneries here, he carved a poem on the southern side of the mountain. Since then, the mount is called Bai Tho (Poem) Mountain. Also, there is another poem by Trinh Cuong carved in the mountain in 1729.

Bai Tho Mountain

View Over Halong Bay From Bai Tho Mountain

Bai Tho is a coastal mountain, half underwater, belonging to Ha Long heritage area. Mountain formed from the Dronon period, in the campaign to create mountains in Indonesia. The highest peak of the mountain has the shape of a mound pointing up to the sky, including the core plus 168m, there are many tops below, many uneven cliffs, steep cliffs, sharp-pointed cat ears making the mountain have an ancient and mysterious look.

From many angles, people see the mountain sometimes look like a tiger, sometimes it looks like a lion pretending to be bait, sometimes it even looks like a dragon about to take off.

Great view from top of Bai Tho mountain

Great view from top of Bai Tho Moutain


Bai Tho Mountain, located in the city centre is considered the most ideal viewing spot in Halong Bay. Climbing this mountain is not easy, but not too hard. After around 30 minutes you'll be able to reach the top, where the awe-inspiring view of Halong Bay and Halong city will amaze you. However, the entrance to the staircase that leads to the mountain top is hidden in a small corner with no sign whatsoever. This entrance is situated on Hang Noi Street in Bach Dang Ward, few people know this street and the best way to find it is to ask local people. There is no trash bin on the way leading to the mountain top, so please bring back your trash after climbing.

Bai Tho Mountain Map

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