Ban Chan Beach

Contribute to the magical beauty, Ban Chan Beach is the harmony between the clouds and water. Its landscape brings a unique masterpiece, bewitching any public mind had. By Ban Chan, visitors not only kick up the blue sea and white sand but also experiencing space with wonderful spirit of nature.

Of all the beaches in Bai Tu Long Bay, Ban Chan Beach is not a very popular one comparing to the others; however, the alluring beauty that attracts everyone from the very first time coming here is undeniable and the bay is listed as a less visited site in a “off the beaten track” routine. Thanks to that, visitors coming here will have chance to enjoy yourself in an extremely primitive-pristine scenery with emerald water, white sandy beach and “untouristic” atmosphere that cannot be seen in any famous beach.

Surrounded by rocks and trees of green forest covering along the sea, nature endowed Ban Chan with a poetic beauty and charm to heart with the fresh air, clean water and smooth white sand stretching for kilometers beneath blue casuarina pines. Oddly, Ban Chan’s sand is whiter than sand in everywhere, pure sparkling in the sunlight, sparkling in the strangely calm waters of the Beach specially attracting tourists not only in summer but also in chilly autumn days or even in the chilly winter days.

Heading to the holiday in Ban Chan Beach, besides swimming, tourists can enjoy such fascinating extras as sightseeing, entertainment, and sports activities, including kayaking or camping in a “off the beaten track” area.

Ban Chan Beach Map

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