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Bangkok Weather in March & Best Activities

January 15, 2024 - 450 views

Bangkok — the capital city of Thailand, welcomes a large number of foreign tourists every year. This place is a harmonious combination of religious sites, bustling streets, and rich culture. While the seasons of Bangkok are mostly predictable, it is crucial to fully understand how Bangkok weather in March is like if you are planning your trip during this time of the year.

Characteristics of Bangkok weather in March

Bangkok weather march

The hot season of Bangkok runs from March to May, so March marks the beginning of the heatwave. Temperatures will now be starting to rise throughout Thailand, and the center is no exception. Depending on the year, hot weather can come earlier or later in March, but, according to locals and experienced tourists, the first week of March is still ideal for traveling around and participating in outdoor activities.

The average temperature in Bangkok in March during the daytime is 30 degrees Celsius. It can rise to over 35 degrees on some extremely hot days. At nighttime, the temperature does not change noticeably.

Days will start to feel particularly humid, and there should be little rain in Bangkok in March, similar to January, so we recommend combining your visit to Bangkok with a trip to one of the beaches in Thailand. It is a great way to shake off the heat. If you are keen on sightseeing and exploring around, then Bangkok weather in March is the perfect time to hit the streets in the evening for plenty of nightlife activities while also avoiding the heat.

What to expect in Bangkok in March

Due to Bangkok climate in March, it is the end of the tourist season in the city. During this time, prices will not be as high as the period between December and February, so many tourists still choose to visit in March as they find the early summer heat bearable. However, you should plan carefully and check the weather forecast of Bangkok in March before your trip.

  • Mar is Mango season in Bangkok

March is the beginning of mango season in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. This kind of fruit, unique in flavor, is the ingredient to many tasty dishes local to Thailand — from traditional recipes to innovative, more trendy ones in cafes. It is a must-try for tourists who come during the hot season, if not the reason they traveled here for. There are different kinds of mangoes in the Southeast Asian country and you can find vendors selling them on the streets and in their designated supermarket section starting in March.

The dish you should try is green mango salad (som tam ma maung) and of course, mango sticky rice (khao niew ma muang) — sticky rice served with fresh coconut milk, and ripe mango.

mango sticky rice

Mango sticky rice, an authentic dish and a must-try during mango season.

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  • Kite-flying in Mar

If you visit Bangkok in March, you will likely see people flying kites in the larger parks, especially Sanam Luang, in front of the Grand Palace. You will also see kites on sale all around the country if you decide to give it a try. Though the rise of technology has made kite-flying less popular among the generation, it is still a worthwhile experience for those wanting to unwind in a simple way.

Sanam Luang

The large field in Sanam Luang allows many families and kids to fly their kites. Source: Pradya R.

Travel tips for Bangkok weather in March

  • What to pack: light cotton clothing, short-sleeved shirts, sunblock, sunglasses, hats. For women, we recommend knee-length and longer skirts as they both protect you from the sun and are appropriate for visits to temples and religious sites.
  • You can also buy clothes in Bangkok markets at an inexpensive price.
  • Remember to drink a lot of water during the daytime to keep yourself hydrated.

We hope this guide has helped you with Bangkok weather in March. For more information, you can find an overview of the Bangkok weather on our website for the best experience. 

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