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Top 8 Best Chinese Restaurants In Hanoi

November 18, 2022 - 3073 views

China has long and well-developed historical periods which have created many unique values. Chinese cuisine is famous all over the world for its sophisticated processing and special ingredients selected carefully. Besides that, there are also a lot of traditional dishes just made from normal ingredients but still, bring an unforgettable impression in the hearts of tourists. Hope this list of Chinses restaurants in Hanoi below will help you easy to find real Chinese taste!

1. John Anthony Cantonese Grill and Dimsum Restaurant

Being one of the four biggest and oldest culinary in China, Guangdong cuisine has many ways to prepare dishes. But no matter how it is processed, the dishes are cooked carefully for the perfect taste, color, and presentation, John Anthony Cantonese Grill and Dimsum will please every customer.

John Anthony is the place where all the quintessence of Chinese cuisine is gathered,  impressed by the decoration, delicious and beautiful dishes, especially sweet and nutritious aroma. Each dish at John Anthony restaurant is combined, cleverly transformed between traditional and modern Guangdong food with herbs ingredients, and natural spices.

Crystal Jade Palace - Best Chinese restaurants in Hanoi

John Anthony Cantonese Grill and Dimsum in Jw Marriott Hotel Hanoi

Located in the lobby of Marriot hotel with a view of the lake and an outdoor area, the restaurant has six luxury separate dining rooms offering qualified services that promise to bring memorable experiences to customers. 

2. Manwah Restaurant

Manwah - Best Chinese restaurants in Hanoi

Manwah hotpot buffet restaurant

During hundreds of years of existence in Taiwan's life, Taiwanese hot pot is a combination of familiar ingredients and continuously improved generation to generation. Diners to Manwah will be able to explore their own culinary journey with sweet and natural hotpot, combined with stew and spices to smell the characteristic aroma of Taiwan. Features not only come from hotpot but also the dipping style of Taiwan - you will find more than just beef and herbs. It is the combination of materials and harmonious dishes that will create Taiwanese hot pot flavor and sophistication.

3. Hoolong Restaurant

Hoolong gives customers authentic experiences with traditional Chinese dishes. Besides attractive Chinese Buffet Dumpling & Hotpot menu such as Xiaolongbao, Huo scallops, Sichuan Hotpot, herbal egg with fried tofu, Chinese fried shrimp, Taiwan beef noodles, etc. Hoolong - Dumpling Bar causes impressed by owning a private organic vegetable farm in the outskirts of Hanoi, whereby the restaurant is always proactive in supply as well as ensuring the quality of ingredients.

Xiao Long Pao - Best Chinese restaurants in Hanoi

Xiao Long Pao

Hoolong - Dumpling Bar also brings the cultural experiences of modern Chinese space. In a large area, customers will be impressed by the red tones of lanterns, seat cushions combined with the warm color of wooden tables, walls, and vivid drawings of Chinese patterns.


4. Hutong Restaurant

Hutong is not only a typical Hong Kong space, but also wants to give customers the chance to experience quality dipping dishes with Hong Kong traditional hotpot. A special feature of Hutong is a hotpot made from 36 kinds of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, anise, etc., and 48-hour bone broth. There are 5 types of hotpot including Sichuan Hotpot, Special Hutong Hotpot, Tomyum Hotpot, Truong Tho Hotpot, and Ginseng Hotpot and over 99 premium dipping dishes: Wagyu beef, US beef, internal organs, seafood, etc.

Hutong - Best Chinese restaurants in Hanoi


Hutong space is designed as a street in Hong Kong, creating a familiar and close feeling for anyone from the first time. Hutong is impressed by the red color with colorful blooming peonies painting on the wall.

5. Fenghuang Restaurant

Inspired by Fenghuang Ancient Town, an old town has charming scenery in China. Coming to Chinese Dimsum & Hot Pot – FengHuang, you will feel like setting foot in Fenghuang Ancient Town, with murals bringing Chinese culture. Fenghuang has many sophisticated, beautiful, and extremely attractive Chinese dishes.

Fenghuang - Best Chinese restaurants in Hanoi


It will be very difficult for you to choose the dish that you love most in a lot of dishes available in Fenghuang:  dozens of dimsum, delicious Chinese dishes as well as different types of hotpot that you should try at least once time in your life.

6. Tim Ho Wan Restaurant

Tim Ho Wan is the only restaurant having Michelin-star in Hanoi. With a great view on the 36th floor of Lotte tower and luxury space, Tim Ho Wan will please every customer. The traditional and simple philosophy is transmitted by the basic spices and familiar ingredients that remind about old teahouses – the birthplace of dimsum.

Tim Ho Wan - Best Chinese restaurants in Hanoi

Tim Ho Wan

The most popular dishes at Tim Ho Wan restaurant, known as "F4" of the restaurant, are pork buns, steamed egg cake, vermicelli roll with pig's liver, and pan-fried carrot cake. These dishes represent the typical cuisine in Guangdong.

7. Yi Long Restaurant

Coming to Yilong Dim Sum & Chinese hotpot, customers can enjoy the delicious and strange taste of Chinese dimsum: Kim Sa dumplings (custard dumplings), Shrimp dumplings, Steamed pork ribs with taro, Shanghai dumplings, etc. All dishes are placed in beautiful bamboo baskets and always eaten when it still hot.

Yi Long - Best Chinese restaurants in Hanoi

Yi Long

The buffet includes many delicious dishes, cooked with high-quality raw ingredients that bring a unique flavor. Each dish is prepared in the style of Chinese cuisine but in accordance with Vietnamese taste.

8. San Fu Lou Restaurant

The most important highlight to create the difference of San Fu Lou brand is the unique and modern cooking style. The spices are moderately mixed, the ingredients are carefully selected that ensure freshness and safety to the customers.

San Fu Lou - Best Chinese restaurants in Hanoi

San Fu Lou

Besides dimsum, nothing is more delicious, nutritious but simple than a traditional bowl of noodles made by hand and eaten with delicious roasted meat. San Fu Lou is also famous for its excellent roasted Peking duck. Using the applewood to roast the duck according to the ancient recipe of the royal kitchen in the past, each piece of roasted duck will have perfect color and taste then it will be sliced ​​and beautifully presented by the chefs of San Fu Lou.

Chinese cuisine comes from various parts of China and has spread throughout the world - across Southeast Asia to North America, Australia, and Western Europe. Because of the large area of China, there are differences in taste among regions in China. Therefore, each restaurant has different cooking styles but all of them have a high vote according to local customers. If you would like to experience the best of Chinese cuisine in Hanoi, contact us now for the best recommendations and organization for the Hanoi city tour combined with the finest oriental cuisine!

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