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Best Time to Visit Dalat: Great Weather & Holidays

May 13, 2024 - 962 views

It is undeniable that Dalat is exquisitely beautiful with all of its stunning natural sceneries. On coming here, you will have a chance to immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere, enjoy the cool fresh air, and meet friendly people. How enthralling the experience is! Right? However, throughout the year, Dalat cannot remain beautiful and bring you the best experience that you expect. There are some times the city has to take a break after a long time of serving tourists. Therefore, choosing which time is best to visit Dalat can decide how your experience would be. 


For most of us, the best time to visit a place is when favourable weather conditions, excellent tourism services, and its thriving culture meet. In the following line, we will give you some suggestions for the best time to visit Dalat regarding those factors. 

Best time to visit Dalat by weather 

Located on the hilltop of the highland, Da Lat weather features cosier and more comfortable than other provinces in the area. The city has two distinctive seasons each year. The dry season lasts from November to March, while the rainy season lasts from April to October. The former witnesses the highest temperature in the year which ranges between 15°C - 26°C. During this time, the sky is always brightly blue, rain comes less, the weather is quite pleasant. In the daytime, it is fresh and warm, while at night, it turns pretty chilly.

The wet season is affected by the South-West monsoon, plus the equatorial air masses from the south. Dalat, accordingly, experiences constant heavy rain for several days. However, the temperature, then, stays the same as in the dry season, ranges from 12°C - 25°C. Dalat weather is quite pleasant throughout the year. To choose which time to visit the city, you will only have to avoid September as this is the wettest season of the year. 

The best time to visit Dalat is from December to March. During this time, rain rarely comes while the sunshine hours increase. The sceneries, then, get even more beautiful than usual. If you expect to see flower gardens in full bloom, coming this time will be the best idea. The cool temperature also allows you to take part in outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and walking.

Alternatively, if you are into adventures and peaceful moments at the same time, travelling between May and August will be another good idea. The temperature, at this time, increases slightly, but compared to the burning heat of other areas, it can still make you comfortable. Rain comes more frequently but mostly drizzles.

On sunny days, you can join numerous outdoor activities from December to March. Besides, on drizzles day, savouring a cup of hot coffee and admiring the romantic scenes of the city will bring you an off-the-beaten-track experience. The harmony of bird’s sounds, the damp smell of soil, and sparkling dewdrops on leaves will give you a sense of relaxation, comfort, and pleasure. 

In general, if planning to come to Dalat, the time from December to March or May to August will be the best in terms of weather conditions and sceneries. Otherwise, you can choose any month else except for September. 

Best time to visit Da lat


Best time to get the best deals for Dalat tours and services 

Usually, the peak season of tourism in Dalat falls between May and September as tourists from all around the country come here to get away from the hot weather. Dalat, then, will be experiencing the wet season, which means that not only sunshine and wind but also rain can set in during this time. Therefore, both outdoor and indoor services are available and ready to provide tourists with a cool and comfortable experience.

Due to the diversity in services and tours, they can offer you a lower price than in any other month whereby you can find the best deals for Dalat tours and services during this time. Usually, tours here only cost you from $45 to $128 per person, which is quite cheap. On spending such a small amount of money, you can still have an enthralling time in Dalat. How amazing it is!

Also, during this time, transportations are quite money-saving. As travel demand grows, operators have to increase the frequency of each vehicle and reduce the price to meet it. 

On the whole, if you are seeking a chance to visit Dalat with the best deal, then coming to Dalat between May and September as many money-saving quality tours and services will be, then, awaiting. 


Best holidays and festivals season to visit Dalat 

On coming to Dalat, you can’t miss exploring the city’s culture which is often shown through several festivals. If interested, then choosing the best time to visit Dalat will give you a chance to join in one of its following festivals. 

1. Dalat flower festival 

If your travel to Dalat during the last months of the year, you can take part in one of the biggest festivals here. It is at the Dalat flower festival that tourists coming to the city will immerse in the colorful and scented atmosphere created by flowers. The festival is held every two years to display different kinds of flower which is one of the main farm produce of Dalat and also to attract tourists from all around the world. Dalat flower festival has been held every 2 years in December since it appeared in 2005, which means that there will be another in the upcoming December of 2021. By then, hopefully, if the pandemic doesn’t occur again, you can come and see what the festival is like. If not, wait until December of 2023.

In each year, the festival is held with a certain topic and divided into 2 parts. One is the opening ceremony in which brilliant performances are delivered to tell the topic. Then, the flower fair is held for tourists to come and enjoy. During the festival, thousands of flowers are assembled to make artworks and displays along the streets so that people come across can stop to take some photos. Besides, you can buy some produces as gifts for your friends. If you are into the mesmerizing beauty of flowers, then coming to Dalat in December will satisfy you. 

Da Lat flower festival

Da Lat flower festival


2. Tea festival 

As tea is also among the main produces of not only Dalat but also Lam Dong, the tea culture festival is held every 2 years to honor the tea sector and tea producers. From 2016 backward, the festival alternated Dalat flower festival. In 2017, they started to take place at the same time. This means that if you come to Dalat in December of odd years, you will have a chance to join in both. If not, unfortunately, you will have to wait for 2 years.

Like the Dalat flower festival, the tea festival is also held with certain topics and consists of 2 main parts: the opening ceremony and the tea fair. Besides, activities like seeing the tea garden, tea collection competitions, art competitions are held at each festival. As this is the occasion to advertise the brand names of tea-producing enterprise and their products in Lam Dong, you can find good teas here. Then, just buy some as gifts for your friends and family plus to savor whenever you miss your experience in Vietnam. The festival lasts for 5 days and also takes place in several places in Dalat city like Bao Lam district, Di Line district, and Can Dat district so on joining in it, you will stand a great chance to get around the city and have some fun. 

Tea Festival Da Lat

Tea Festival


3. Gongs Festival 

For those who don’t know about gong, it is an ethnic music instrument that has greatly contributed to the unique culture of some minorities in Vietnam. To foster the culture, the Highland gongs festival, along with other events like harvest festival, communal house celebration, is held annually, Every year, 5 provinces of the Highland area will take turns to organize the festival. In Lam Dong, it usually takes place in Dalat and at the same time as the Dalat flower festival.

During the festivals, about 40 people play different instruments, harmonize with each other to make a beautiful sound, and others gather around the fire and dance to the rhythm. All create connectedness and a warm atmosphere. Joining in Gongs festival will give you a chance to learn about the minority culture in Vietnam, and trying to play the gong will be an off-the-beaten-track experience. In 2005, the festival was recognized by UNESCO as the World Intangible Heritage. Since then, it has attracted a great number of tourists from all around the world to come and take part in it.

The rising demand for seeing and joining the festival is such that some travel agencies have offered to organize it on-demand. Now, coming to Dalat, you can experience the Gongs festival at about $6.95 to $8.69 per person. Of course, the official one is always more interesting and gives you the true feeling, but for an experience, the on-demand is still worth it. 

Gongs festival Da Lat

Gongs festival


4. Public holidays in Dalat

New year's holiday, Tet Holiday, and Liberation Day are the best holidays to visit Dalat. In particular, the New year and Tet (or Lunar New Year) occur in the first three months of the year, which, according to the weather, is the best time to visit Dalat. During the time, it is dry and cool with the blue sky, sunshine at some times of the day, and winds make travelling and taking part in outdoor activities convenient. If you have time, you can start your trip in mid-December to both join in Dalat flower & tea festivals and enjoy Christmas here while waiting for the New year holiday.

In Lunar New Year, if having Vietnamese friends and joining with their family, you will have a great chance to learn more about the family culture and many traditional customs in Vietnam. It will be even more fascinating than visiting places and sightseeing. Additionally, in the Liberation and World Labour Days, the weather is a bit wet; however, it will not prevent you from enjoying your vacation but makes it more enthralling in a new way. 

Above is our recommendation for the best time to visit Dalat regarding weather conditions, tourism services, and festivals. Considering the three factors with your demand, you can find out your best time to visit the city. We also offer some Dalat tours in which you might interest and are always here to help you with the best experience in our beautiful country.

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