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Bia Hoi Hanoi (Hanoi Draft Beer)

December 22, 2020 - 617 views

In the middle of 1960, Hanoi brewery at Hoang Hoa Tham street was restored. At that time, the country was subsidized, the hardship and hunger were like covering a gray curtain on every corner of Hanoi's small street. So drinking a glass of beer is a luxury effort, a great hobby and dream of many people. Drinking beer they are excited to forget the difficult reality, be ponderous to aspire for a bright future in the clinking of glasses.

Hanoi is always proud of its unique, impressive and attractive culinary culture with foreign visitors. Besides the delicious food, foreign visitors are also surprised and "falling in love" with an extremely popular drink here, which is Bia Hoi Hanoi or Hanoi Draft Beer

Bia Hoi Hanoi - Hanoi Draft Beer

Bia Hoi Hanoi 

Overview of Bia Hoi Hanoi

Any visitors, even the local and international visitors coming to Hanoi, must admire the praises of Bia Hoi Hanoi (Hanoi Draft Beer). In fact, Bia Hoi Hanoi is not too strange for Vietnamese people. It is not difficult to see the image of fresh beer pubs or sidewalk beers with crowded customers regardless of summer or winter days. Still, beer is always the drink that many people want, especially men.

Hanoi Draft Beer

Bia Hoi Hanoi is one of the most favorite street beverage

Many foreign visitors have the opportunity to enjoy Bia Hoi Hanoi and give the compliments that this is definitely the best draft beer in the world. The reason for it is that the beer is both cold and not too heavy as cans or kegs that people have ever enjoyed. When drinking Bia Hoi, the drinker will feel refreshed, not bitter, even the alcohol content is high. Therefore, even if you are a non-drinker, a glass of Bia Hoi Hanoi can still refresh you, especially on hot days. Moreover, Bia Hoi Hanoi is usually produced and used within 24 hours, to ensure the "freshness" of Bia Hoi Hanoi.

Bia Hoi in Hanoi

Foreigners love Bia Hoi Hanoi

Where can you enjoy Bia Hoi Hanoi?

As Bia Hoi Hanoi is considered the popular street beverage in Hanoi, it is very easy to find a place that sells Bia Hoi at all corners of Hanoi. That is also a part of the reason why it is called Bia Hoi Hanoi, which becomes a unique and interesting culture that visitors want to explore when reaching the city of a thousand years of civilization. However, talking about the best place to taste Bia Hoi Hanoi, people will immediately think about Ta Hien Street.

It is a small street in the Old Quarters which is also called "The Beer Street". It is the favorite place for those who want to enjoy genuine Bia Hoi Hanoi. The corner of the street with plastic chairs, small tables, roasted peanuts, and a few glasses of Bia Hoi Hanoi, here you can enjoy the beer culture of Hanoi. In addition, you can enjoy Bia Hoi Hanoi at any of the street beer shops you see. With its popularity, you can easily enjoy it anywhere.

Hanoi Draft Beer

Ta Hien Street is the spirited street of beer in Hanoi

Besides, if you think that drinking beer is only suitable in the summer, you're wrong. In the early days of the winter, enjoy fresh beer and serve with happy drinking dishes such as fried spring rolls, sausages, etc… hot pot or grilled on the sidewalk, you will feel all the interesting things of Hanoi winter.

Bia Hoi Hanoi

Drinking Bia Hoi Hanoi is enjoyable

In conclusion, Bia Hoi Hanoi is considered one of the most favorite street beverage. If you have a plan to come to Hanoi, don't forget to try it. You will surely love it!

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