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Cycling is the best way to explore Hoian, it is something you should try at least once during your stay in Hoian. The below article is about cycling in Hoian. Hope you have a great time cycling in this beautiful city.

Hoian is a small city, where you may not need a car or motorbike to explore the whole city. Cycling is popular in this city. On the bike, you can visit almost everywhere in the city, from the beach, market to the historical places, and the surrounding area. Cycling is an interesting activity, so do not miss it when you are in Hoian.

cycling hoian

CYcling to the countryside in Hoian


Overview of cycling in Hoian

Hoian is a paradise for cyclists. It is flat as a tack, small and less traffic than many other cities in Vietnam. A lot of tourists use the cycle to explore Hoian and the surrounding area. You can either borrow it from the hotels, hostel where you are staying, hire a bike from the shops nearby or join a cycling tour. The hiring fee for a cycle in Hoan is about 1 USD. Some shops offer free tourist maps and instruction of places to visit in Hoian, making your cycling ride much easier.
You may feel scared when cycling in other cities in Vietnam, but in Hoian, the traffic is not too heavy. Only in the city center, there is more traffic, but after a few minutes on the bike, you will get used to it. When going away from the city center, the traffic is easy, and you can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

Places to cycle in Hoian

Cycling in Hoian ancient town:
It is easy riding. The ancient town is closed to the motorbikes, so you can explore the city on foot or by cycling. Cycling in Hoian gives you the freedom to stop at any place that you want. It can be food stalls, shops, coffee shops, historical sites.

cycling in Hoian

Cycling in Hoian ancient town

Cycling to Tra Que Village:
It is among the most popular destinations for cyclists in Hoian. Tra Que, known locally as the ‘Vegetable Village’, is only 3km far from Hoian old town. Vegetables of many kinds from the village have been provided for restaurants, hotels, Hoi An's people. Coming here, you will be able to learn more about local life, try to work as a farmer in the village, taste the best food of Hoian.

Cycling to Tra Que

Beautiful Tra Que, Hoian

Cycling to Tra Que village, Hoian

Cycling to Cam Kim and other islands:
Cam Kim island is a great place where to experience the traditional Vietnamese way of life. The new bridge has recently built to replace the old ferry. It is lovely cycling to this island in the early morning or late afternoon to explore the rural life on the island, visit the boat building or local market.

cycling to Cam Kim

Cycling to Cam Kim

Cycling to An Bang beach or Cua Dai beach:
It is not too far from the Hoian center to these beautiful beaches. Coming here, you can enjoy the beautiful rural scenes and local life. The beaches are not as crowded as many other beaches. There is bicycle parking, beach chairs, showers, and bathrooms. So you can lounge on the beach chairs, read your favorite book, build sandcastles, and swim in the ocean here

cycling in Hoian

Hoian beach

Cycling to My Son holly land:
It can be a hard ride. My Son is about 35 km from Hoian. The normal road is quite busy. If you go on a different road, the traffic is easy, but the distance is about 20 km longer. It is highly recommended to cycle to My Son early in the morning to about the heat and My Son is beautiful during sunrise.

cycling to hoian

Cycling in My Son, Hoian

Cycling to Thanh Ha pottery village:
The village is located about 4kms from the center of Hoian. It was well developed during the 16th and 17th century, now there are few artists in the village. Coming here, you can enjoy watching master potters at work to create some amazing pieces of art. You can also try your hands at the potter's wheel.


Welcome to Thanh Ha pottery village, Hoian

3. Tips and experiences of cycling in Hoian

• Cycling in Hoian, the road can be very crowded during the day time, so it is a good idea to ride your bike early in the morning or late afternoon
• It can be hot during the day time in Hoian, do not bring long sleeve, hat, suncream, and bottles of water
• Do not forget to check the cycle condition before using it.
• While riding your cycle, be careful as many other motorbikes can come at you from all directions.
• Do not cycle in Hoian at night as some other vehicles do not use their lights, many traffic lights are turned off after 10 p.m.
• Wear reflective clothing and try to have a front and a backlight on your bike if you cycle at night in Hoian
• Lock your cycle to make sure or bring it to the safe places if you do not use it

Above is some information about cycling in Hoian. Hope that it is helpful for your trip to Hoian.

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