Binh Lu Market

Basic Information

  • Address: Tam Duong District, Lai Chau
  • Opening hours: Every Sunday 08:00 - 13:00

Binh Lu Market Is Opened Every Sunday

Binh Lu Market Is Opened Every Sunday

Binh Lu Market Overview

Binh Lu is a captivating valley with beautiful landscapes of endless green terraced fields and hospitable ethnic minorities. To explore the mountainous areas in North Vietnam thoroughly, coming to a hill tribe market is an excellent choice to know more about their interesting culture, lifestyle, and distinct customs that still remain up to now.

Binh Lu Position

Located on the west of Sapa, Binh Lu Market is an ideal destination for international visitors who love discovering the culture and local life of North Vietnam’s hill tribes. This is the weekly tribal market that is only held in the mountainous areas of the North region.

Every Sunday, the market is crowded and bustling with many mountainous ethnic groups, including Tai Laos, White Tai, Tai Lu, Giay, H’Mong, etc., gathering and selling their products, such as handicrafts, herbs, knives, and jewelry,...

You will be enchanted by their unique goods, like colorful ethnic costumes and delicate handmade scarves. A small tip for you when shopping is that you should not bargain too much because local people here are friendly and kind, so scams are quite rare.

The Locals Sell Their Handmade Products At The Market

The Locals Sell Their Handmade Products At The Market

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How To Get To Binh Lu Market

To travel to the Binh Lu Market, you will have to pass the Tram Ton Pass, with an impressive height of up to 1,900 m and this is the highest mountain pass in Vietnam. The pass is usually called “Heaven’s Gate” by the locals since the stunning scenery here is so wonderful, as if it’s the gate to heaven.

The distance from Sapa Town to the Binh Lu Market is not too long, about 40 km. You can get to the Binh Lu Market by private car, and the transfer time is from 70 to 90 mins, as the traffic here is quite fast.

Binh Lu Map

Binh Lu Market Map

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