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Blue Lagoon Vang Vieng

If you travel to Vang Vieng without visiting Blue Lagoon, you will miss a chance to enjoy a wonderland in real life.

Blue Lagoon is a small island on Nam Ngum river, about 7 km to the west of Vang Vieng. It include 2 lagoons: the right lagoon is for someone who prefer a peaceful place to rest on the clear water and the left deeper one is for youngers who love playing thrilling games. Tourists can hire a tube which costs about US $1. If you do not want to swimming, you can play volleyball in the lakeside and try some thrilling games such as: swing the ropes, jumping into the water from branches, etc.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

This lagoon was named Blue Lagoon because of the clear blue water that you can see the fishes swimming in the bottom. The fishes are get used to these noisy activities, they still swimming very calmly even when people jump into the water.

The Blue Lagoon offers a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. After a long time playing games or swimming, you can rent a tent to have meals and sleeping or lying on the grass to sunbathe. In the afternoon (after 4:30pm), children and locals often play football in different yards, this is a daily activities in this area. They are very friendly and excited when tourists ask to join in the football match.

Jump Pool At Blue Lagoon

Jump Pool At Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is one of must-go destinations of Laos, located near Route 13 from Vientaine to Luang Prabang, very close to Vietnam. If you go on a trip in Vietnam, you can consider booking a Laos tour to visit this place. Tourists can hire a bike, motorbike or take a tuk tuk from Vang Vieng to go this area. The entrance fee is quite cheap, about US $1 - $1.5 per person and it opens daily from 8:00am to 18:00pm.

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